Sustainable Home Businesses: Small Changes Add Up

Energy Efficient
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Americans produced 254 tons of waste in 2013, roughly 4.4 pounds of waste per person each day. This is more than every other country in the world and some of

5 Ways Contractors in the Construction Industry Can Preserve the Environment

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A good percentage of environmental pollutions come from the construction industry. Examples of pollution from construction include air pollution, landfill waste, water pollution, and noise pollution. If only companies would

Make Your Holidays Merry and Bright with Eco-friendly Home Security

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During the holiday season, energy bills usually spike. The oven sees more use as you prepare for guests. Christmas lights may stay on until ten o’clock at night or later,

These Are the Top 5 Energy-Saving Gadgets to Green Your Home

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In the United States, 17% of greenhouse gas emissions are the result of energy use in residential buildings. Equipping your home with more ecofriendly appliances and devices can reduce your