8 Tips for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Break into the Pet Sector

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As many aspiring entrepreneurs may be able to see for themselves, one of the most promising industries to get into today is the pet industry. With pet ownership on the

What are the Causes of the Pigeon Problem in Las Vegas?

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In recent years, pigeon overpopulation has become such a problem in cities worldwide, such as Las Vegas and New York, that they are commonly regarded as pests, placing them on

Bats Benefit the Environment

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The British government began passing laws to protect bats back in 1980s, starting with the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981. British bat species are also protected by European legislation

How To Take Care Of Your Welsh Terrier Dog Breed

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Unlike cats, dogs are creatures of reaction and emotion. If they’re happy, you’ll be sure to see a wagging tail. If they’re in pain, they’ll certainly let you know with

Wildlife Conservation: What You Can Do to Help

wild life
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If you think that there is nothing that you can do in order to help preserve the world’s beautiful wildlife, think again. You don’t have to be a hands-on conservationist

How to Harmonise Wildlife and Energy Manufacturing – A Case Study

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Key statistical information : – Red bird covers ordered – 900. – Kilometres of track to be insulated over 5 years – 50. – Number of breeding pairs of eagle owls

How to Make More Eco-Friendly Choices Where Pet Care is Concerned

Pet Care
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With all the emphasis on making eco-conscious purchasing decisions and adopting more environmentally-friendly practices at home – today’s consumer is much more educated than ever before. It’s more than just

5 of the Best Organisations That Help Endangered Species

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Environmental damage, deforestation and an increasing human population are threatening to destroy much of the wildlife on our planet. The destruction of natural habitats is on an unimaginable scale. However,

The politicising of shark attacks drives culls

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Australia is no stranger to shark attacks. Its temperate and nutrient-rich coastal waters have long been the favoured hunting grounds of some 36 percent of all known shark species. So,

8 Natural Pain Relief Treatments For Pets

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Just like humans, pets suffer pain and require treatment for conditions like arthritis, bone misalignment, periodontal disease, and bladder inflammation. While pain medications for people might seem to work, you