A good percentage of environmental pollutions come from the construction industry. Examples of pollution from construction include air pollution, landfill waste, water pollution, and noise pollution. If only companies would take better precautions and use materials and strategies that are less harmful to the environment, the pollution can be reduced. As a contractor in the construction industry, you can contribute to environmental preservation by:

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Supporting Recycling

The first way you can contribute to a better environment is by supporting manufacturers who apply recycling when producing construction materials. Recycling protects the environment by reducing the level of garbage. Additionally, when a company transforms used materials into a new product, the natural resources are preserved, less energy is consumed and there are fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Recycling can also prove beneficial in home demolition, choosing a home dumpster rental to remove any unwanted furniture items from the site before demolishing it is a good use of resources. Recycling this and other materials from the construction site supports an effective and reduced waste management plan that promotes sustainable construction methods.

Use Materials that Don’t Harm the Environment

The other option is to evaluate the ingredients in the materials you use for work and minimize harmful materials that have a negative impact on the environment. Follow industry trends and environmentalists’ discussions to stay up-to-date with what should be done away with. When you go for safer options, you help your clients meet their goals without harming anyone’s health and impacting the environment negatively. However, not everything you use in the construction process will be safe. Some of the essential chemicals you need are harmful to humans and the environment. Consider the next step on how to handle them.

Minimize Discharge of Chemicals

As stated above, you will handle some chemicals that are harmful to health and the environment. In such a case, ensure that you have a good plan on how to handle the chemicals safely to minimize environmental pollution. According to the EPA guidelines, contractors are expected to comply with the pollution prevention requirements. Examples of these requirements include eliminating discharge for leaked chemical, storing waste in sealed containers and cleaning up immediately after overflows. When you hire workers, ensure they are trained on safety and environmental pollution before work begins.

Consider Lead Paint Certification

This certification is necessary when handling lead renovation, repair and painting. Lead based paint poses a danger to both children and adults. Lead has a negative effect on vital body organs such as the brain, kidneys and blood vessels. Therefore, exposure can lead to brain and heart problems. Exposed children may have a low IQ whereas expectant women may be at risk of getting children with birth defects.

To reduce these risks, as a contractor, you should get a course from an accredited training provider such as ZOTApro training. The training covers lead pollution prevention, regulatory requirements, and safety precautions while at work. As a contractor, you will also be trained on how to effectively train your workers.

In addition to safeguarding your health, lead certification training is essential to avoid fines. Since this is a federal rule by the EPA, anyone who doesn’t adhere can be fined up to $37,500 per day. Therefore, ensure that you are certified before you take up such projects.

Invest in Quiet Tools

To reduce noise pollution, consider investing in quiet tools or tools with low impact. Where this is not possible, have a structure around the construction area to shield the noise.

By being a responsible contractor, you will make the environment a better place. Obey the laws imposed by the authorities and exercise due diligence as well to avoid making decisions that would harm others.

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