The Future of Commercial Vehicles – Going Green

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According to the UN Foot and Agricultural Organisation, the transport sector accounts for around five and a half billion tonnes of CO2emissions every year. Given the increasingly obvious need for

Environmental Pollution is a Social Justice Issue

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Climate change, under the umbrella of environmental justice issues, plays a part in social justice as do so many other growing environmental concerns. While it’s a mild concern in first

Environmental Justice for Rising Income Inequality

Environmental Justice
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Income inequality has long been a growing concern, with a range that has only continued to expand in the last 30 years. While many claim to have an idea of

Scientists Might Be One Step Closer to Predicting Earthquakes

December 9, 2017 0 Comments 3 tags

On November 12, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit the Iranian/Iraqi border. A week later, the devastation left behind is being called “apocalyptic.” Eyewitnesses put the death toll in the thousands,

Ocean Animal Extinction: How Can We Help?

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With over 70 percent of the world covered in water, you can imagine how diverse and bountiful wildlife is under the sea. Snorkeling and scuba diving loses most, if not

3 CSR and Sustainability Goals Every Company Should Have

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With companies being as powerful and influential as countries, it’s important now more than ever for these entities to start taking responsibility for their actions. Only caring about the bottom