While a number of online sectors have become growth industries during the digital age, there are also some traditional markets that have thrived also during this time.

Take the UK courier industry, for example, which is set to grow exponentially during the next two years as the number of parcels sent per annum rises by 40% to three billion. While this has undoubtedly been inspired by the rise of the e-commerce sector, it shows how traditional markets and business models can continue to prosper in an age of innovation and new technologies.

Individual delivery courier brands can also aid their own success, of course, particularly by adopting an eco-friendly business model. Here are the benefits of such a practice: 

  1. Connect With Modern Brands

Even with the expected increase in deliveries over the next three years, the courier sector remains a competitive marketplace in which a high number of brands strive to achieve a viable share of demand and market share. Developing an eco-friendly business model can help with this, with many urban companies now turning to sustainable courier services in order to support their brand identity.

After all, the notion of corporate social responsibility is central to the identity of most businesses in the modern age, particularly with the current generation of customers also motivated to partner with ethically-minded brands. Who share the same mindset of environment issues and best practices.

  1. Reduce Fuel Consumption

From a practical perspective, creating an eco-friendly courier service can also minimise fuel consumption and your daily operational costs. This often starts with the selection of your vehicle fleet, as you prioritise smart, electric or hybrid vehicles over petrol and diesel alternatives you will start to reduce the amounts that you spend on fuel and your brands’ carbon emissions.

You can also reduce the cost and consumption of fuel by planning the most efficient routes for your drivers, as this minimises the distance travelled by each vehicle. Similarly, you can teach your drivers to operate their vehicles in a more efficient and clean manner, as reducing revs and eliminating unnecessary gear changes can also have a positive effect of fuel usage. 

  1. Reduce International Shipment Costs

On a similar note, developing an eco-friendly model and embracing sustainable packaging materials can reduce the cost of couriering parcels overseas. After all, the way in which international parcels are packaged together and shipped creates fixed cost bases and unique carbon footprints, so adopting sustainable practices can help your brand immeasurably.

This is particularly important for brands such as Parcel2Go, who have a large international network and have utilised sustainable practices and materials to reduce their operational costs.

  1. Cargo bike deliveries

Another eco-friendly logistics trend that has increasingly been growing is cargo bikes, carrying everything from Amazon packages, groceries and bouquets of flowers. Bikes are extremely eco-friendly to the environment as they don’t burn or give off any emissions, and are extremely quick weaving in and out the traffic. The limitation being the amount they can carry on each trip and the distance that the bikes can cover. Cargo bikes however, are not there to replace cargo lorries as they would struggle to take washing machines, sofas etc. There effective in compact, congested towns and cities and are great at keeping some of the emissions and fuel costs down that cargo trucks would emit from smaller deliveries, who can instead focus on delivery of larger items.

These points highlight the benefits of operating as an eco-friendly courier service provider, particular in an age where corporate social responsibility is prominent. By adhering to these, you can create a viable proposition while claiming a desirable share of a constantly growing market.

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