Eco-Friendly Gardening Tips to Create an Eco Garden

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More and more Australians are interested in getting a property with a garden. This is especially true in states like NSW and Queensland. This allows them to find solace in

LED Lighting in Farms

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It’s no secret that LED lighting is a great lighting solution for almost all businesses – not to mention in the home. Financial savings and reduced carbon footprint can only

5 Benefits of Air Purifiers That You Must Know

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The world is increasingly becoming more polluted by the minute. The air that we breathe in is contaminated by many dust and allergy particles. Even when we stay indoors, we

Wastewater Treatment for the 21st Century

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With a surging global population and seemingly endless urban growth, the world currently faces an imbalance of water types. Specifically, we have a shortage of clean drinking water and an

Curbing Pollution: How Businesses and Consumers Can Reduce Their Carbon Footprints

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Pollution is a global problem for centuries. Even with the growing number of sustainable steps taken to help preserve the Earth as well as its atmosphere, contaminants build up faster than we can stop them. This

Tips for Enjoying Home DIY Projects

Home DIY
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Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary. It needs to be a place that is relaxing and that you find extreme comfort in. You will also want your friends

The Extra Step To Go Green

green living
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Over the last several years, there has been increasing attention paid to the carbon footprint we leave in the world. This goes for the actions of everyone from consumers to

Lessening Your Carbon Footprint

carbon footprint
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Lessening your carbon footprint helps the environment today, but also in the years to come. Many people get overwhelmed with the thought of trying to live a greener life because

How Going to College Online Can Help the Environment

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When you think of college, the environment doesn’t often come to mind.  But, getting your degree could have a negative or positive impact on the environment.  If you love the

What Makes A Science Buff A Science Buff?

Science Buff
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While all scientists are science buffs, not all science buffs are scientists. While scientists make up the majority, non-scientist science buffs are a rare species. A scientist’s fascination with an