Throughout medical history, cannabis has been used as an appetite stimulator, anti-tussive, analgesic, tranquilizer, antibiotic, anticonvulsant and much more.

For several years, marijuana was seen as a drug that was too dangerous for human health. The media has also portrayed it as having negative influence on people. Although there are many studies showing the medical value of this natural medicine still many of them are not confirmed. Here is some of the most scientifically accepted uses of the plant:

Marijuana is of great help to those suffering from cancer

Marijuana contains THC which can be used to boost the appetite of patients. THC has helped a lot of people cure different eating disorders. It has also stimulated weight gain in anorexic people. Various research has shown that those suffering from dangerous diseases like cancer and HIV can stimulate their appetite with the use of THC. A combination of THC and CBD can help people sleep. This is pertinent for those that are have illnesses and need to rest well and heal themselves in a natural manner.

Marijuana improves the health of the lung and removes the carcinogenic effects of tobacco

A study that was published in the Journal of American Medical Association in January 2012 showed that cannabis increased the capacity of the lung and it improves the functions of the lung. 5,115 young adults were tested for a period of 20 years by researchers who were trying to find risk factors for heart disease. They discovered that marijuana users had increased lung capacity compared to tobacco users who lost the function of their lungs over time.

Marijuana helps those suffering from Parkinson’s disease

Researchers in Israel have discovered that using cannabis reduces tremors and pain and helps those suffering from Parkinson’s disease to sleep better. The researchers also discovered that the patients had improved motor skills.

Medical cannabis is now legal in Israel and various research into the use of cannabis medically has been done there with the support of the government.

Marijuana helps to relieve pain

A lot of patients are looking for pain relievers so there has been a sharp increase in the use of medical marijuana. Opioid painkillers are commonly prescribed today and they are abused a lot in Canada and the USA. Marijuana has been used as an analgesic for over 1000 years. It is a natural painkiller that does not contain any of the disadvantages of traditional painkiller pills that have opiates.

Although it would be not true saying that Cannabis is the solution and a cure to serious health conditions as Parkinson’s disease and Cancer, there seems to be an obvious medical value of the marijuana plant waiting to be confirmed by the numerous ongoing scientific studies.

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