A Guide On How To Ensure That Your Boating Does Not Affect The Environment

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Pollution of the ocean poses a serious threat to millions of underwater species. With tons of garbage being dumped into it along with rivers carrying toxic factory run off chemicals,

3 Not-So-Obvious Ways You Can Help the Environment

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No matter how you feel about the climate change debate, no one likes to live in a dirty environment. Sure, the biggest changes will have to take place at a

Go green at work: how co-working can maintain sustainability

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Imagine a workplace that provides both sustainability and comfort for those who work there, a workplace that focuses both on the health of our planet and the health of our

What to expect from solar energy in 2017

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If you have been thinking about using solar energy on your home or business property or if you are interested in investing in this technology, you may be wondering what

Marijuana as an alternative natural medicine

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Throughout medical history, cannabis has been used as an appetite stimulator, anti-tussive, analgesic, tranquilizer, antibiotic, anticonvulsant and much more. For several years, marijuana was seen as a drug that was

Green Living Sustainability: How To Live Environmentally Friendly and Still Sustain Your Normal Life

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Most of us are conscientious people who try to do the right thing – and if you have landed on this blog, then it is safe to say that you