Pollution of the ocean poses a serious threat to millions of underwater species. With tons of garbage being dumped into it along with rivers carrying toxic factory run off chemicals, our water bodies are at a serious threat. One of the major sources of pollution of the ocean also comes from the shipping and boating industry. It is high time that we start doing something about it, even if at our small personal level to immediately save the damage. If you are a boat owner or businessperson, here are some tips to do your bit.

Use ecofriendly products

The paint that you use on your boat, yacht or any other vessels that you own gets into the water with time, polluting the ocean and the fish and other animals. Therefore, it is extremely important that you do not compromise on the paint you use on your hull. opt for eco-friendly non-biocide paints which do not contain harmful metals such as copper, zinc etc. or other active ingredients which can pose threat to the seas.

Repair leaks immediately

Fuel getting into the water is a major issue as oil spills are extremely harmful not only to the aquatic life, but also for local birds and it even gets into our food via the food chain. Therefore, repair any leakage in the system with immediate effect. While filling the tanks, be careful to eliminate any oil spills by taking extra measures such as catching bibs. Not only will this save marine lives, it also saves you substantially on fuel money.

Conserve energy

It is important to conserve energy because not only does it reduce the amount of pollution added to the environment, it also helps you not spend more. Lighter boats move with more ease in the water as the friction is less. Therefore, less fuel is needed to keep it running. In order to save fuel, unload unnecessary items that you do not require on your sailing and take only things that are needed for an efficient sail. It also helps you keep the vessel less cluttered.

Go for regular maintenance

Maintenance is the key to a healthy boat, healthy oceans and healthy environment. Not only does a poorly maintained boat use substantially more fuel as it needs to work through the clogs to get it running, it also causes more pollution. Get all your moving parts lubricated well and go for regular maintenance and when you are done sailing for the season, before you store the boat for the off season, make sure you go for proper storage.

Do not throw your trash into the ocean

Whether you are grabbing a quick snack or having a party make sure that you do not throw your trash in the water ever. Keep dustbins on board and dump all your trash in them. Recycle or dispose of the garbage properly when you return from the sail.

Follow green boating tips to save the ocean and its ecosystem from damage. It is important that every single person does his or her bit at least towards protecting the ocean and its species, because otherwise with global warming, and rising water levels, this problem of wastes and pollution will inevitably cause havoc on the entire earth.

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