Buyers are looking for products that are greener and healthier alternatives to what they consume. Quality and preservation of the environment are core functions that every marketing expert should think about in the wake of problems like global warming and the need to manage pollution. Even more important is ensuring marketing campaigns emphasize on the fact that these products are built with the health of the user in mind.

There are several forms of advertisements that a business can use that will appeal to friendliness to the environment. Here are five you need to know about.

1. Eco-friendly handouts

If your business is offering flyers, brochures, and gifts, it is worthwhile to embrace an environmentally friendly solution. Some quick tips you might consider include avoiding packaging that is made of plastic and instead using biodegradable alternatives. You can also mention the fact your business is using green marketing, and this will show your clients that you have put focus in the right places.

2. Promote the responsible use and disposal

The responsibility of a company does not end at designing greener products. It extends beyond this to ensure the life-cycle impact of the products is minimized through responsible use and disposal. Share information with consumers to help them know how they can use the products and dispose of waste to protect the environment and their own health. Corporate role in providing important information about disposal cannot be dismissed because many consumers still expect to get guidance from companies on how to use products.

3. Transparency about product details

In order to ensure products are able to showcase the design and contents included, marketing professionals should incorporate transparency in advertisements. Disclose as much as possible and make sure not to hide any bad news as this could get consumers angry immediately. They will suspect there is information omitted. Many companies including Coca-Cola, IBM, GM, Unilever, and Phillips have embraced this reporting standard, and it has helped to show their commitment to protecting the environment and also ensuring consumers are not exposed to harmful chemicals.

4. Utilize digital marketing

Social media is not only free, it’s also a perfect way to reach out to potential customers. It uses fewer resources and could help you to decrease the use of paper. Traditional forms of marketing like flyers and brochures as well as banners utilize natural resources and are not entirely good for the environment. If your target audience is the Canadian market, start with getting a list of the best Canadian web hosts to put up a website where visitors can see products and read about your promotions. Utilize digital platforms like Google to advertise instead of spending on resources like print material that might harm the environment if not disposed of carefully.

5. Instill the FTC Green Guides

To minimize the risk of legal problems, it’s important to incorporate the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Green Guides in product promotion. This includes ensuring you don’t offer misleading information that can affect decision making. The Green Guides are useful for building the credibility of a business and should be taken as a key component to responsible green marketing.

It’s the responsibility of every business to comply with marketing guidelines and ensure it supports an eco-friendly mode of advertising. There is a rising trend among corporates to incorporate green marketing and this has helped them to not only save the environment but also improve their trust score among buyers. You can try some of the ideas mentioned here to ensure your business helps in protecting the environment while advertising.

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