recycling bins

recycling bins

Whilst there has been much press given to recycling and sustainable living, many people aren’t aware of just how much of an impact (for the better!) recycling has on the environment. There are more benefits than meet the eye and it is the hope of companies like Countrystyle Recycling that more and more people become aware of what a little can do in the long term for this world we now inhabit. In future generations, we may colonise other planets with increasing technology, but for now, this is all we have, so let’s learn to keep Mother Earth as healthy as possible.

Recycling from an Environmental Perspective

Have you ever stopped to think about our landfills? This is one aspect of recycling that many people simply haven’t considered. Our landfills are beyond full and in small countries the size of the UK, there is nowhere to go with waste once those landfills are at (and beyond) capacity. Many countries are loading waste on barges. What they intend to do with it is still up for conjecture, but with all the debris washing ashore by the day, it doesn’t leave much to the imagination, does it?

Then there is the fact that recycling helps to conserve resources and above all, helps to reduce our carbon footprint. The more we can recycle and reuse, the less we have to manufacture. Recycling from an environmental standpoint means saving the resources we have for future generations whilst providing clean disposal of that which needs to be disposed of.

Recycling from a Human Standpoint

Going back to the fact that our landfills are beyond capacity in many cases, consider what this means to smaller nations that already have limited room for expansion? City/nations like Singapore are a good example of what it means to lack space and so recycling should be preeminent on the minds of government and residents alike.

The UK still has room, but for how long? If the population continues to grow, we will be a nation moving upwards rather than outwards and that means it is vitally important to preserve the natural habitats we now enjoy. Can you even imagine what it would mean to the Lakes District if some corporation decided to take over (through government approval) a portion of that natural beauty for the disposal of their waste?

Conservation of Personal and Environmental Resources

Recycling is a cost effective way to stretch your own personal resources. There are more ways to recycle than you have probably considered, but not all recycling involves sending waste to a recycling centre. What about clothes and household items that are still serviceable? Pass them on to charity or those less fortunate than you. Start a care and share group within your community where you co-op no longer needed items. Give and take so that everyone saves a few pounds here and there.

There are a number of ways in which recycling has impacted and can continue to impact the environment and it is up to us to find new and innovative ways to sustain the resources still available to us. Recycling is a key factor in keeping our planet liveable for future generations, so let’s all do our part.

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