A green building is basically a project that would enable you to preserve most of the natural environment. The construction as well as the building operation should promote a healthy environment for all involved, without disrupting the resources in and around the structure.

The best green buildings in Ontario have a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification. This organization recognizes sustainable buildings in Canada as well as around the world. Many of the province’s skyscrapers are actually working hard to be eco-friendly.

Here’s a list of the best green buildings you can find in Ontario:

  • TD Centre

This complex is comprised of 6 buildings and it is found in the Financial District of Toronto. It’s pretty environmentally friendly. It has a Platinum certification from LEED for operations and management, and it also has a green roof.

  • The Connolly

This 30-storey mixed use development is not only designed to enhance the rich heritage of Hamilton’s oldest architectural structures but also feature environmental and green elements including revolutionary geothermal and cogeneration technologies to provide low cost heating and cooling to the building occupants. This is perhaps the most environmentally friendly of all condos.

  • George Brown College Waterfront Campus

This spectacular building is where you can find lots of environmentally friendly initiatives. The campus has won numerous awards for being green.

  • Royal Bank Plaza

In its aim to become LED Gold certified, the Royal Bank Plaza underwent many changes. It boasts of energy efficient lighting, a topnotch recycling program, low flow toilets and hand-free faucets to reduce water consumption.

  • The Berczy

This condominium building is located near St. Lawrence Market. The developers used energy efficient electrical systems and sustainable materials in this building to make it very eco-friendly.

  • RBC Waterpark Place

It not only boasts breath-taking views of Lake Ontario, but this building is also LEED Core and Shell Platinum certified. It has a series of sustainable features, like its expansive green roof, bike racks and energy efficient lights.

  • 320 Front St. West Complex
  • This office building has been around since 1989, but after undergoing several improvements it has now garnered a LEED Platinum certification.

Benefits of a Green Building

With new technologies continually being made to complement existing practices in creating green structures, there are environmental, economic and social benefits that can be reaped by green buildings.

Green construction techniques, systems and procedures that have been integrated in the design and construction provide the most significant benefits, including:

  • Reduction of wastage of water
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Improved water and air quality
  • Protection for biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Enhanced occupant productivity
  • Better quality of life
  • Reduced strain on local infrastructure
  • Better health and improved comfort

Even the slightest changes can help to promote a healthier Earth, and a better place for everyone to live.

A green building is something that people should really choose over traditional buildings. By choosing it, you can lower your energy usage, save money, and even help the environment.

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