green condo

green condo

Did you know that you can reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment just by living in a condo? Condo developers are taking the initiative to boost sustainability by taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint. Let us look at the several ways you can help and protect Mother Earth.

  1. Roof gardens

You can install roof gardens where you and other residents can grow vegetables. That way, you know that the foods you eat are truly organic. Moreover, by setting up a roof garden you offer a habitat for birds and bees.

Don’t forget that plants absorb carbon dioxide and give out oxygen for humans to breathe in.

  1. Renewable energy

Geothermal and solar energy reduce the carbon footprint of condo buildings by using the earth’s stable temperature to heat or cool the entire building as needed. The installation of solar arrays on the roof of the condo building will help with this.

  1. Net-Zero buildings

In addition to solar array installations, a wind farm will help with the generation of energy equivalent to the amount that people consume, sometimes even more. Renewable energy can also generate income for the residents living in the condo building, as they will be paying less on their electric bills.

  1. Recycling bins

Placing recycling bins where other residents will easily see them will encourage residents to recycle, because it will not take much of an effort to do so. Small inconveniences keep people from doing what is right, so why not make it the easier thing to do?

  1. Carpool system

Start a carpool in your condo building so that residents who are traveling the same way can use just one vehicle for their daily commute. This may seem like a small thing, but it helps in bigger ways than you can imagine.

  1. Encourage bicycling

Install bicycle racks and use a bicycle so that you can encourage other residents to own and use one instead of cars.

  1. Choose eco-friendly cleaning products

Whenever you need some cleaning and maintenance in your condo, make sure that you use eco-friendly cleaning products and detergents that are healthier for the environment and to the people around you. As much as possible, avoid cleaning agents that are considered chlorofluorocarbons, which contribute greatly to the greenhouse effect.

  1. Garbage segregation

Start the practice of garbage segregation and influence your neighbors to do the same. Install garbage bins with proper labels on them so people will know where to put their biodegradable and non-biodegradable trash.

  1. Live in a green condo building

Many condos in Montreal are going green. Aside from solar arrays, walls are built using eco-friendly materials that eliminate the use of chlorofluorocarbons for cleaning, and even provide its residents enough energy to sustain itself.

Green plants and grasses are planted all over the rooftops, and the entire building is made of recycled structural steel and other reused materials and resources. Floors and walls are now made of natural materials such as bamboo, cotton, and quartz.

Saving the environment by reducing your carbon footprint has never been this easy.

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