DOE Proposes Safeguards for ‘Climate-Resilient’ Energy Sector

July 17, 2013 0 Comments 2 tags

It is no coincidence that the energy sector, which has contributed much to altering Earth’s atmosphere, is itself now in danger from climate change. From fuel transport to thermoelectric power

How Private Companies are Key to Saving Brazil’s Other Forest

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Big Business and Biodiversity When the Portuguese explorer Pedro Álvares Cabral first reached the coast of present-day Brazil in April 1500, he found a paradise. Waiting ashore was a vast

Offshore Wind: An Answer to Our Energy Needs

July 15, 2013 0 Comments 1 tag

President Obama made a historic speech on Tuesday June 25th, 2013, which laid out a climate action plan for the country that is aimed at decreasing carbon pollution and slowing

Global Bird Populations Increasingly Threatened

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West Coast Sea Bird Endangered? The coastal waters and offshore islands of sunny California is home to the ashy storm-petrel – a small gray seabird who specifically hangs out in

South Africa Community Plants Forest To Save World’s Rarest Parrot

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To save the only parrot endemic to South Africa, local communities are planting trees critical to the iconic bird’s survival. National Geographic featured the plight of the South Africa’s Cape

Car Free Mackinac Island

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Do you know a place where driving your car on the road is illegal? Well now you can say you do because nestled in between Michigan’s peninsulas is a small

Iconic Oceans Are Also Maritime Accident Hotspots

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The South China Sea, Black Sea, the British Isles and east Mediterranean are only some of the world’s most iconic oceans at the most risk from shipping accidents. This is

Colony Collapse Disorder: Past, Present, Future

July 4, 2013 0 Comments 1 tag

Past Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) started popping up in the news around 2006. Not many people knew what the problem was attributed to back then, but a lot of people

The Disappearing Package Project

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A box of soap that dissolves in the shower? A pod of detergent you can toss in the washing machine? While big brand names are trying to make their product packaging

The New Electric Vehicle Race

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Back in 2009, auto blog Gas 2.0 published a fun little rivalry between former mayors of San Francisco and Portland who each declared that their city would be the EV