How Honey Bees Help Humans

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It’s incredible to think that a tiny (and sometimes annoying) insect such as the honeybee is so important to humans. Honeybees help humans in many ways, from giving us food

Protecting Our Honey Bees

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When you hear that honeybee populations are on the decline, you should be concerned.Bees do much more than just sting you when irritated- they also pollinate over 400 different plants

Why Bees Are Important to Humans

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The bee is a fascinating creation of nature. While many people view bees as scary insects that may sting when disturbed, bees play a critical role in the daily lives

How to help Local Bees

local bees
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Whenever you enjoy honey dipped popcorn during a movie night, or you go out to purchase beeswax candles, you may not immediately think about the importance of bees. Bees have

Have you ever had a “natural” meal?

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Is the food you ate today natural or modified? Very likely that it’s been modified. Humans have been modifying their foods since the dawn of time through different means: firstly,

Grow Your Own Food – 5 Ways to Farm, Wherever You Live

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There’s nothing quite like the farm-to-table experience. The freshest food, locally grown and served sustainably. However, growing your own food and enjoying the fruits of your own labor is even

What You Need to Know About Biological Inoculants

Biological Inoculants
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If you are looking for a new, safer, and easier option to boost the quality of your field and crop, biological inoculants have caught your attention. Until recently, their use

Why the future of food is vegan

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The food industry is changing drastically, and thanks to millennials the future is looking vegan. According to a forecast by restaurant consultancy group Baum and Whiteman, a plant-based diet will

Is Going Vegetarian a Realistic Way to Reduce Carbon Emissions?

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Worried about climate change? Or extreme weather patterns? What about rising temperatures that mean unbearable heat waves in the summer and striking cold in the winter? If these things concern

5 Reasons for Going Vegan that Might Help the Planet

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In 2010, UN published a report stressing the significant relationship between the vegan diet and saving the world. This report prepared by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) said: “Impacts