Environmental damage, deforestation and an increasing human population are threatening to destroy much of the wildlife on our planet.

The destruction of natural habitats is on an unimaginable scale.

However, there are those out there working to change this!

Who are they? What are they doing? What are their visions?

Here are five of the best organisations that help endangered species.

Born Free

Born Free are a leading wildlife charity dedicated to ensuring all animals are treated with compassion.

What Do They Do?

The organisation is against captivity; aiming to keep animals in their rightful habitats in the wild. Where endangered species are concerned, they promote compassionate conservation. This aims to protect habitats and safeguard animal welfare.

The charity have nine priorities:

  • Challenging captive animal exploitation – phasing out zoos and stopping suffering
  • Eliminating trophy hunting by exposing its immorality
  • Ending the illegal wildlife trade
  • Rescuing and rehabilitating animalswho have been in captivity
  • Protecting threatened species
  • Integrating a wildlife protection model
  • Protecting habitats and threatened species
  • Protecting UK wildlife
  • Educating people on animal welfare issues

What is Their Vision?

The organisation has set out to have a positive impact on wild animals. They want to protect natural habitats for the role they play on our planet.

Wildlife Conservation Society

The Wildlife Conservation Societyaims to conserve habitats and protect animals such as elephants, tigers and gorillas.

What Do They Do?

The WCS protects wildlife and saves their habitats through:

  • Science
  • Conservation action
  • Education
  • Inspiring others
  • Promoting the value of nature

What is Their Vision?

The WCS envisions a world where wildlife (both on land and in sea) thrives. They have set themselves a goal to conserve sixteen priority regions that are home to more than 50% of the world’s biodiversity.

International Union for Conservation of Nature

The International Union for Conservation of Nature helps the world’s endangered species, such as polar bears, whales and lions.

What Do They Do?

The organisation is made up of both government and civil society members.

They implement various policies in education and communicationto allow for environmental conservation. Their mission is to encourage societies to ensure that any use of natural resources is sustainable, teaching societies around the world of the diversity of nature.

Their experts are dedication to a range of issues includingspecies survival, protected areas and ecosystem management.

What is Their Vision?

IUCN is to promote a world that not only conserves nature, but values it also.

The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy is a non-profit global environmental organisation.

What Do They Do?

With the help of over a million members, the organisation advances conservation in 72 different countries. They have over 400 scientists to help them do this, helping nature to thrive across six continents.

So far, they’ve undertaken 100 million water conservation projects and protected 119m acres of land.

What is Their Vision?

Their mission is to conserve the land and water that nature depends on.They visualise a world where diversity thrives – and people take the necessary steps to ensure this happens.

World Wide Fund for Nature

The WWF is a global, non-governmental organisationthat works in the field of wildlife preservation. They’re the leading charity in the world when it comes to animal conservation.

What Do They Do?

Based in the UK, the organisation works towards making a positive impact on our planet. To do this, they’re finding new ways to change the future for the world’s wildlife, such as rivers and forests.

As well as this, members arecombating climate change by pushing for a reduction in carbon emissions and moving towards sustainable living. This includes changing our methods of food production, for example. Currently – the way we produce what we eat is responsible for 60% of the loss of the world’s biodiversity. WWF is working on changing this system.

From pressuring the UK government to safeguard polar regions to combating deforestation, the organisation is helping endangered species all over the globe. Lions, giant pandas and penguins are just some examples of animals they protect.

What is Their Vision?

The WWF aims to promote a world where animals and people can not only coexist, but thrive together.

What Can You Do?

If you’re looking to protect endangered species, there are many animal welfare businesses looking to collaborate that can help you achieve your goals.

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