family_gardenOne of the most exciting parts of summer for any little one is being able to play outside in the glorious sunshine and enjoy the lovely fresh air. Sometimes it’s not always easy to get to the local park or play area, which is why creating a garden suited perfectly for your family is such a great idea. Having your own outdoor space where you can leave your little ones to play, yet also enjoy for yourselves is really important. A family designed garden is great for any household, as it offers you the ability to enjoy those summer and often winter days in the comfort of your own home. Here are a few ways in which you can create the perfect garden to suit you and your family.

No matter how old your children are, having your lawn ready for any kind of activity is always a must. A freshly cut lawn is not only great for making your home look tidy and inviting, but also perfect for a kick around with the football or even sit on a blanket and have a little read. It’s important not to cut the lawn too short however, as it can often start to look dull and become hard under foot. Having a short length to your grass will be comfortable when running around, but remember to watch out for any unwanted wildlife!

If you have a surfaced area such as a patio, decking or paving then you can use this for all kinds of activities through summer and even winter. When those rainier days come in and the grass takes a little longer to dry, it’s always great to have a surface you can still use and enjoy. Introducing a table and chairs into this area is a perfect solution for you and your family to enjoy alfresco dining, whilst also being able to use the table to do all kinds of activities in the sunshine, such as painting, drawing, and even playing games. You can then use this area for social gatherings for yourself, such as BBQ’s and Garden Parties.

One of the most exciting and educational ways to enjoy your garden with your family is through gardening. Simple gardening such as planting seeds in special pots or growing your own herbs for your cooking are perfect for sparking your little one’s minds and getting them interested in how plants grow. You can educate them on what plants need to grow, and encourage the maintenance such as watering them. Once the plants start to grow your child will feel proud and excited, as they have been a part of growing the little plant themselves. Adding fun items such as a potting bench and little child friendly gardening tools will really help to engage the child and create a fun and exciting activity for them as well as yourself.

Similar to the plant growing, encouraging wildlife into your garden is another perfect way of creating an exciting and educational environment for your children. By creating different sections of the garden that are ideal for small creature habitats you can watch the wildlife nest in your garden and educate your child on the exciting facts about them. Having longer patches of grass, wooden bark chippings or even sections with added water, you can help educate your child on different habitats and wildlife whilst they enjoy watching new creatures live in their garden. You may be required tree trimming to maintain your garden tree in good shape check this more here:

Some more obvious additions to create a family fun garden are items such as climbing frames and swings. Having a climbing frame, swing, trampoline etc. will encourage your child to play independently, build courage and enjoy playing outdoors. It’s amazing how much children learn through play and they will enjoy themselves thoroughly too. Sand and water pits are another great choice however it’s important to cover these on an evening as pets or wildlife may find them and enjoy them a little too much!

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