green car

green car

In the recent past, governments, companies as well as individuals have been making strides to go green. Vehicle manufacturers have also played their part by developing and selling cars that protect the environment. In addition, there are several environmentally-friendly driving regulations meant to improve air quality. If you are thinking of buying a green car, it is important to understand laws for green cars that apply to your area. You should also consider taking defensive driving online classes to improve your knowledge of what defensive driving is and how you can ensure road safety. These insurance reduction courses will go a long way in helping you realize significant savings.

Emissions testing

One of the reasons why green cars are gaining popularity is because of the low emissions associated with them. As such, a good number of states have passed laws to ensure that all green cars are inspected and undergo emission tests before they are registered. This means that these vehicles must meet the required standards in terms of both safety and gas emissions. In New York, inspections are carried out regularly at designated inspection stations.

At-home electric vehicle charging

In case you plan to charge your green car at your place of residence, you should be aware of the applicable restrictions. Before placing your charging device in a parking stall near any residential dwelling, you must ensure that it meets the specified standards and that such a device is registered with the relevant authorities. In the event that the authority restricts the installation of the charging devices, all green car owners will have to comply.

Idling restrictions

Idling is known to waste a considerable amount of fuel, a factor that has resulted in several states passing laws that restrict idling in certain areas. Except when the vehicle is undergoing regular inspection, traffic conditions are beyond the control of the driver, the engine is being serviced or in case of an emergency, idling is not allowed in parking areas, loading zones, route terminals and off-street areas. If you need to unload and load passengers or would like to warm up or cool down your vehicle, idling is allowed for a maximum of 3 minutes.

Fuel system conversions

There are times when owners of green vehicles will wish to carry out fuel system conversions. Before taking such action, you must make sure that you will not be in violation of the applicable laws. All fuel system conversions must be certified to ensure that emission control devices in the vehicle are not tampered with. Failure to do this may mean that the conversion is illegal, a move that could lead to a green car owner incurring hefty fines.


As different states make strides to go green, car dealerships and drivers who wish to own green cars enjoy both purchase and charging incentives. These rebates are designed to encourage more people to go green to ensure eco-friendly driving.

In addition to these incentives, some insurance offer special discounts to drivers who drive fuel efficient cars and demonstrate great driving habits. As such, more people are encouraged to understand what defensive driving is and to take driving lessons that will see them improve their driving skills and be in a better position to make sound decisions when faced with dangerous situations.

In conclusion

Even as you seek to familiarize yourself with laws for green cars, it would be important to take courses that help to enhance your driving skills. Therefore, you should consider taking a Defensive driving online. An online defensive driving course will allow you the convenience you need while working towards enjoying an insurance reduction.

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