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eco home

For years, you have been complaining about the cost of keeping your home heated in winter months and cool in the summer. You have been unable to reduce what you are spending. Perhaps it’s time to look at ways you can transform older houses into eco-friendly homes while working on design elements that complement the style of architecture. By saving money on energy, you will also be working towards a greener future, so if you are looking to do both, give these ideas a try.

Solar Roofing Tiles When a New Roof Is Needed

The average age of a roof is 20 years, give or take a few, before it will need to be repaired or replaced. Some older houses have not ben re-roofed in double or triple that amount of time and if you find you need a new roof, why not talk to your roofer about eco-friendly solutions?

They now have solar tiles that resemble regular roofing tiles, which can easily be fitted onto your existing roof. Did you know that if we could harness just one hour of sunlight it would be enough to power the entire planet for as long as a year? That’s incredible! Think of how much you’ll save on the cost of electricity over the next 20 years with eco-friendly solar roofing tiles!

Replace Your Radiators and Current Boiler with a Combi Model

Many older homes throughout the UK are fitted with boilers that connect to a series of pipes leading to radiators throughout the house. These are not eco-friendly boilers, as they were manufactured in times when it wasn’t understood just how much havoc they were wreaking on the planet. There are now eco-friendly super-efficient combi boilers that produce clean, green heat, and at much less the cost.

It may also be time to update some of your radiators. Check out those on the Warmrooms website and if you can’t replace them all, replace those in the rooms you heat the most. All others, make sure you keep them off when not in use because that will just deplete heat in the rooms you are in while keeping the cost of heating higher.

Replace Old Sliding Windows with Double-Glazing

One final design tip you may wish to consider would be how your windows are built. Many older homes have single pane sliding windows that are draughty in cold winter months and allow heat in during hotter summer months. Double-glazed energy-efficient windows keep your home well-insulated while giving you a clearer, brighter view of that lovely garden you’ve worked so hard on over the years.

Remember, when anything breaks or needs replacing in your home, just take a look around to find eco-friendly alternatives that can save you money on enormous energy bills while also working towards a greener future. The time to implement any design changes would be when there is a need to repair or replace. In this way, you can update your home in stages, which will initially cost money, but the long-term savings are well worth what you spend now.

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