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Working from home has many benefits that you cannot find in a confined nine to five cubicle. Setting your own schedule, hanging up your ties or heels and finding yourself within the comforts of home are just a few of the perks. With national and worldwide awareness, we are seeing green living is on the rise in many households. If you are working from home, you can merge ecofriendly factors into your day to day business. As the times are changing so is the way we view the workplace. Many consumers and staff members are stressing the importance of supporting green business practices. Businesses have found a multi directive in becoming a part of greener pastures. Not only do they save substantial amounts of fiscal accountabilities according to long term projections, they also earn a generous return on their green investment by gaining the loyalty of past, present and future eco conscious clients. Business owners also have the satisfaction of contributing to the environment of which we live.

In the guide below, we have gathered ways to keeping your home business in the limelight with a greener side to your office. You will cultivate the benefits while having a hand in the creation of a better tomorrow. There are several options to transition your home office into a well-oiled green machine that will remain a cost effective option while building your business.

Ergo what? –  Ergonomics is not a new phrase, however it is new to the scene of daily terminology. The term applies to the application of design that ensures efficiency within the interaction of a physical or procedural state. This applies to your home office in a number of ways. The foundation is the less steps, the more efficient. Many lines of ergonomic furniture like the ones at Jason L, office wares and accessories are also known to have positive health benefits. They have taken preventative measures in care of physical postures and structural components.


Energy Efficiency– One of the staples of green conversion is in the realms of energy efficiency. There are many office products that offer the same efficiency with less energy consumption. From printers to calculators, you can find the perfect version for your own home office. The way we use these products has a say in how much energy we use. Solar panels can also be installed for an optimal reduction in energy. Make sure to turn off lights that are not being used. A motion detector sensor can be installed to assist in keeping unused areas efficient. Use the windows to your advantage by allowing sunlight to light the space, as well as opening the window for a fresh breeze versus an air conditioner or fan. Your floral arrangements and special plants will thank you.

Save a Tree– With technological advancements, we are able to save on everyday paper. Instead of mailing letters opt for using email for sending announcements, receipts and even itineraries. Invitations are widely transitioning to an online base. Do not keep paper files, instead create online files that are backed up in the event of a system error. Making copies become unnecessary if you scan it and send via email or file it in an E folder.  You can also print on both sides of one sheet if a hard copy is needed. Use a digital notepad and calendar for planning and jotting down thoughtful entries.

green office

The Water Source– Many offices have adapted to using a water filter to downsize the usage of plastic disposable water bottles. This saves time, money and the planet. A reusable water bottle is a smart way to quench your thirst. Investing in water efficient faucets and fixtures will save both money and resources. Use reusable cloths to clean and a natural cleanser to reduce toxins and the need for a gallon of cleaning water. When it comes to your fresh flowers and plants, you will want to make sure the appropriate amount of water is given.

Reuse and Recycle– Repurposing items in your office can definitely have its benefits. Fresh flowers can be made into sachets or potpourri, bringing a refreshing scent through the room. Baskets and containers can serve as storage purposes. It is important to make sure you have a recycling receptacle nearby to continue the green theme for your office. Finding a decorative or purposed use for items is a fun and creative way to staying ecofriendly.







From Ergonomic office furniture to the vase of flowers that freshen the room, you will find the efficient elements of green practices to bring a new perspective to your daily regimen. Keen organizational processes will assist your business in reaching the next level. The green way of life will be beneficial for your health, your home and your surroundings. Setting up a home office has many perks, however requires proper planning. Taking the time to set up and initialize your agenda is key to a successful start. If you are already up and running, making the change to an ecofriendly environment will be simple. Altering one system at a time will ensure a thorough efficiency. Every change whether big or small makes a difference.

Going green at home and in your office, will have a positive impact and visible results. You will enjoy the benefits of working at home while leaving a positive impression on the environment. It all starts with the first step. Once you make the decision to adapt to an ecofriendly office, you will begin to take notice throughout your home and community of the impacts our actions have on our surroundings. From fresh gardens outside of your window to the filter in your water source, you will bring a vibrant and energizing nature to your business. Clients, friends and family will appreciate your efforts and may adopt a greener lifestyle as well. Your home office will be more than a business, it will be a part of bringing a better tomorrow to the world.






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