The consumer is as informed as they have ever been with more people only doing business with those people who practice business ethically when it comes to the environment. Chipotle has made an empire out of doing this as their lack of preservatives and increased care for their food struck a chord with the American public. For this reason people are willing to pay a bit more for their burrito. This has been done by other companies that deal with cows as many people have heard a version of “happy cows make delicious cheese /milk”. The following are tips for businesses that are taking a new green approach.

Don’t Keep It a Secret

Chipotle never kept the way their take care of their animals used for their meats a secret. In fact, their story is on nearly every item you can get with drinks have the story and even some catering items. A company going green should let the local community know about this and even reach out to some media outlets. A company valuing the environment is always a great story as well as an incredible public relations opportunity. Company newsletters allowing people to know exactly how processes are changing to make things ecofriendly can even help brand image in the eyes of customers. Going green is something to be proud of so announce this through a variety of marketing outlets.

Look Into Tax Credits and Industry Specific Programs

A company can earn tax credits from going green with solar panels being one of the best examples. Those who install solar panels can get a tax credit which will help reduce the cost of the panels on the buyer. The extra saved electricity can be vast with the company saving money monthly on the bills. This causes these panels to pay for themselves especially if you live in a sunny location. There are general credits that can be applied for but it is important to take a look at business energy efficiency programs online.

Take Ideas From Staff

One of the first things that you should consider is asking staff if they have any ideas on how to reduce waste. Small things like turning out lights when you leave a room can make a huge difference by the end of the year. Going paperless is another way to reduce waste but there are some documents that you will want in hardcopy form. Each department should have a list of ideas of how to reduce on waste then management can see which ones are liable solutions. Certain staff members might not realize the cost versus reward when it comes to this so let staff know not to be offended if their idea is not utilized.

Start Slow and Scale Up

The final tip is for the business to start slowly with their green initiative to see exactly how it will impact the bottom line. At times estimates can be quite optimistic and can end up leaving a business crippled. Slowly role these changes out and see what impacts costs the most. There are certain businesses that will actually find themselves more profitable after the tax credits are figured into the equation. The idea that ecofriendly means profit unfriendly is simply not true and has been created by those that simply care about the bottom line instead of how they are impacting the environment.

Going green is the right thing to do but it can also come with some positive aspects like tax breaks and overall savings. Take the time to sit down and write out three areas where your business can reduce its waste. You would be surprised that you can nearly eliminate all of your waste possible if staff is proactive about it.

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