Green Heating

Green Heating

Green energy is sourced from nature. Its sources include sunlight, wind, rain, tides, plants and geothermal heat which are all renewable. Green energy heating services are increasingly becoming more efficient and cheaper due to an increase in their uptake. The following are examples of ecological heating systems and what to know about them.

Solar heating

It is the most prevalent and efficient heating system. In addition to that, it is the cheapest to install and operate as it doesn’t use any specialized equipment. It is produced using photovoltaic cells which capture sunlight and convert it into heat and electricity. Home designed and built kits are used. Solar energy is used for natural lighting, cooking, and heating water as well as buildings.


Energy is extracted from the earth’s crust having originated from radioactive decay of materials and formation of the planet. Geothermal systems use compressor and evaporator systems used to obtain heat from refrigerators. It uses some electricity but still produces fewer greenhouse gases and pollutants than gas or oil. Installation costs are quite high, but it dramatically saves heating costs.

Wind energy systems

Turbines are pushed by air flow on the surface of the earth.

Hydropower systems

Hydropower is generated by earth’s water cycle that includes rainfall, tides, evaporation, and force of dam water. The power of the water is used to run turbines leading to the production of electricity.


Natural materials like wood waste, sawdust, and agricultural wastes contain stored energy from the sun that can be converted into energy. They produce minimal greenhouse emissions.

Wood heat

Wood is carbon neutral when harvested sustainably. It is cheap mostly for those with access to free or their wood. The wood heat is efficient when using wood stoves, wood pellet stoves or fireplace inserts. Wood pellets are clean and the carbon emitted from recently harvested trees is so low to cause greenhouse effects.

Heat pumps

They are a reliable self-generation means. They extract heat from the air outside and are more efficient in moderate weather than in cold ones. They have a high initial installation cost but after that save a lot of energy costs.

Electric boilers

They heat water in tanks using an element. They use up a lot of electricity and are quite expensive, but with solar PV, they can be cheap to use.

Storage heaters

They provide more cost-effective heating services than electric boilers. They are cheap to install and maintain compared to electric boilers.

Infrared heating panels

Radiation from the heating panel travels and hits a solid object where it is absorbed causing the object to warm. It is an efficient way of warming up spaces even in cold seasons as long as the sun is shining. The sun produces infrared radiation.

Solar PV

It generates electricity directly from the sunlight hence has to be used together with infrared heating panels, storage heaters or heat pumps.

Benefits of green heating

Green heating systems are environmentally friendly. They have low amounts of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere hence reduce impacts of climate change as compared to brown energy. It has dramatically boosted the public health lowering cases of cancer and heart diseases caused by fossil fuels.

The green energy sources are limitless and reliable. They can’t run out as nonrenewable sources do. They make use of natural resources that are quickly replenishable.

Solar and wind energy are captured free and converted into usable power.

Heat pumps have low running and maintenance costs. They are safe as they don’t use combustion that can cause fires.

Green energy have led to the creation of jobs for people. The rigorous campaigns to encourage the use of green technology have created numerous employment opportunities.

Green heating has led to the stability of energy prices as only the initial installation cost may vary. There are no cases of inflation as the green heating sources are always available.

Less maintenance of facilities is required after installation leading to reduced costs and maximum profits.

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