As summertime comes to a close, I look forward to enjoying the early fall. A long weekend camping in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York is a spectacular site to behold in September. The climate is temperate, yellow and red deciduous tree tops peeking above the dairy farms, and the smell of autumn is ripe in the air. This region always delivers; the roaring Delaware rapids make for an adventurous canoeing expedition with friends, and hiking along the plateaus gives us one last endurance challenge of the warm weather season.

I am mindful and always maintain eco-friendly behavior. In order to meet my eco goals and have a stress-free trip, there are 3 essentials tools I take with me on all camping outings.

Meals are most important, how to prepare and how to serve; a titanium cook set is ideal because it is light in the pack so transport is not a burden and cooking is done swiftly. These pots are utility so one can eat right out of them so no need for extra bowls or dishware. Cooking, eating, and cleanup are complete before the night stars twinkle.

Of course, having an ample supply of water should be an automatic given. Bringing along extra hydration tends to be an over-sight made by many of my camping co-orts. My second essential camping tool is a durable water-bottle. I bring extra for those that are absent-minded.

My trusty insulated stainless steel water bottle, which clips universally to all my out-door clothing, always is attached. If I am paddling out on the lake in a kayak in the razor heat of the 2pm hour or hiking on the scenic trails of Sugarloaf Mountain, I can always quench my thirst. I found a perfect eco-friendly bottle that keeps my water cool all day and never leaves a bitter metallic taste in my mouth.

Campfires are my favorite part of the weekend. At the end of the day, it’s time to sit around, share stories, and enjoy everyone’s company. But, the night doesn’t come without its pests. The smoke of the fire does its best, but the bugs are lethal and they are ready to attack. I leave city behind just to be re-acquainted with mosquitoes the size of the Chrysler and The Empire State Buildings.

My third essential camping tool is bug spray. I recently discovered an eco-friendly mosquito spray, Eco Raider, and I keep a bottle of it in my car. It comes with me to outdoor parties, company picnics, and even helps repel bugs away while lounging in my backyard on a hot, sunny, afternoon. The all natural lemongrass oil has a pleasant smell and extended residual so I don’t find it necessary to spray myself every 10 minutes. It really works and most important, its 100% bio-degradable.

I love the outdoors. I love the woods, the lakes, the beaches, all the places where insects pray. Every year when spring is upon us, so are the bugs and they are looking to fest, and it seems my skin is their pâté. I have tried every insect repellent the corner drug store has and no other spray has offered the relief that Eco Raider Mosquito Spray has. I can enjoy the summer evenings, the neighborhood barbeques, and my early fall camping trip again without the threat of being eaten alive or spraying toxins into the air.

There are investments in choosing to live an eco-conscious lifestyle. Being a responsible consumer is a good place to start. For example, the time it takes to research alternative products can consume a large part of your leisure. However, these costs are minimal when comparing it to the overall long-term environmental and economical benefits. Remember it starts with individuals and families making environmentally-informed choices today that lead towards a greener tomorrow.

Article Contributed by Tania Lewis From EcoRaider


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