Environment Friendly

Environment Friendly

Having an environment-friendly and green home is one of a good idea you can follow to protect your surrounding and if you are the person who is looking for best ways to make your home eco-friendly, then here are few tips and techniques you can try.

Making use of Solar Panels

You will need at least 240-volt power for your home in whatever situation you are prepared to be in. Installing solar panels on the roof is better to reduce the amount of power you have drawn from the grid. You can find thousands of solar panel models in the market that varies in special aspects.

The power you are going to generate depends on the size and number of panels you are going to install and also based on the hours sunshine falling on the panel. You can connect the solar panels to your electricity grid to feed extra power when the solar panel is not going to meet your home needs.

It’s better to consult a solar expert to select the right type of panel you will need for your home, and he will be able to figure out the right place for installing the solar panels.

Eco-Friendly Furniture

Adopting green and environment- friendly furniture is another way to protect your surrounding and yourself, do not forget the below factors while choosing the furniture for having an eco-friendly home.

  • Prefer Heirloom quality furniture
  • Go with L Shaped Desks for working purpose, Dining Tables for kitchen and other furniture types for your various room that are made of high quality and certified sustained woods.
  • Reclaimed woods are also another earth-friendly option you can dig out.
  • Vintage pieces will add a unique look and also eco-friendly nature.
  • Choose furniture that is made of recycled materials and also can be recycled later for further use.
  • Trying out Bamboo also can be a great idea for having a green home.
  • Choose furniture that is flame retardant free

Increase cooling and Heating Efficiency

Cooling and heating system used at your home are the higher reasons for the largest electric applications, at present, the most efficient and effective system available for providing an eco-friendly home is the Geothermal cooling and heating. In this type, you need to install the heat exchanger, heat pump, distribution system to adapt.

The amount you are going to invest is higher than other heating and cooling system but has a lot of worth in decreasing your electricity bills once installed. Make sure your doors and windows are sealed properly to neglect the energy getting wasted, you can find a lot of products to seal your door and windows from the market, inspect which would suit your home and go with the right product.

Make Use of Environment-Friendly Cleaners

Many people still use filters and cleaners that cause harm to the surrounding environment, the chemicals used in some of the household cleaners are not capable of breaking down into the water and produces the adverse impact on the environment.

Check out which biodegradable household cleaners will be apt for your home and use it to save your surrounding and your family persons.

Be a Light Saver

Do you know that most of the average home electricity bill goes high due to the type of lighting you choose? Yeah, you can reduce your billing amount and also protect your surrounding environment by replacing the standard incandescent bulbs to LED and CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) bulbs as they can lessen the bill by 75%.

Apart from that this bulbs also last longer than the standard bulbs and also do not emits less heat and therefore saves more energy directly or indirectly.

Final Thoughts

In short, adapting to these simple ways and tips will help you in providing a better and healthy environment-friendly appearance for your home. Picking a better paint, replacing your paper towels, Eliminating microwave-safe plastic, creating a compost and recycling station, rain water harvesting are some other ideas for making your home eco-friendly.

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