BMW Parts

BMW Parts

The thing about most hybrid and all-electric cars on the road these days is how distinct they appear compared to gas-powered vehicles. Even if you are hard of hearing, you could almost certainly recognize an electric powered automobile as it drove past. Simply put, they’re either bubbly or look like they’re about to turn into a Transformer, allowing no missed opportunity to convey the sense we’re looking at something either oddly or seductively state-of-the-art.

At last, an automaker – BMW – is making an effort to produce an all-electric vehicle with traditional car design. This September, BMW reportedly plans to introduce an all-electric version of its 3-Series sedan. Visibly it seems as though it will be indistinguishable from its gas-powered counterparts; which jives with the fact that it’ll be priced nearly the same.

The Munich-based automaker is unsurprisingly tight-lipped regarding any further details about the all-electric version of their signature sedan, such as its engine power and performance or the alternative replacement BMW parts in the works. However, we can speculate based on the assumption that BMW will not drift too far from their existing electric designs. While the moving parts under the hood are greatly reduced, much else should remain roughly the same as the gas-powered 3-Series’ BMW parts that you already find at stores like eEuroparts. This includes parts for the steering and suspension systems, and even the body, interior and other accessories. Therefore, there will still surely exist plenty of room for DIY repairs and BMW performance parts upgrades down the road even on the electric version of this popular automobile.

Every electric car on the road possesses a linear series of drive component parts, and BMW’s all-electric 3-Series will be no exception. The design of an electric automobile is exceptionally simple compared to those running on fossil fuels. Automakers are in agreement: why mess up a great thing? Stick to what works, and electric motors already work very well.

Again, the thing for current 3-Series owners to remember (and anyone else contemplating buying one of BMW’s new all-electric versions) is the fact that it’s a misnomer to think an electric car has been reduced down to one moving part. So, don’t think you’ll be able to get a luxury vehicle without any maintenance required. While it’s true that, unlike gasoline powered cars, electric vehicles are not dependent on several different systems working at different tempos synched by a timing chain, there is certainly plenty involved to drive them. Think about it…the wheels move; and followed by everything going from the drivetrain and axle parts into the engine bay.

The point is, let’s not downheartedly assume that tinkering and tuning BMW parts in the legendary 3-Series are behind us just yet – not by a long shot. Over time many of the original BMW parts will need replacing— the bushings and bearings in the suspension system and other wear parts helping connect the car to the ground (and to itself!); as well as faded emblems and body trim; down to even the HVAC and interior parts such as climate control dials and window buttons.

Likewise, the common issues existing with 3-Series BMWs such as leaky doors and broken seats are sure to remain considering these original BMW parts are identical across both electric-gasoline lines.

However, there is no disputing that an all-electric BMW 3-Series should lead to reduced engine problems – because the same engine will no longer exist. Gone is the transmission, and belts and pumps and even the exhaust system. Considering an all-electric 3-Series is set to cost about as much as the gas model, it’s without a doubt a deal for those in the position to upgrade next year. Most are unlikely to be disappointed. We’ll know for sure this September.

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