green planet

green planet

Lots of people are focused on how we’re going to escape our planet. They want to colonize another world because it’s only a matter of time before earth becomes inhabitable. Maybe they’re getting too far ahead of themselves and they should be focusing their efforts on something else.

Nobody is saying the planet isn’t currently in a bad state, but think about how fast technology is evolving. If we work hard enough new technologies have the power to save the world. Here are a couple of big ones geniuses have already came up with you’ll want to know about.

Using Organic Flow Batteries

We’re all excited about the advancements in renewable energy, which will one day replace the fossil fuels we use at the moment. One of the biggest issues we face is how all the energy is going to be stored. Harvard researchers think organic flow batteries will be the ultimate solution.

It’s unlikely you’ll know all of the technology stored inside a battery anyway, so when you picture flow batteries envisage external tanks with some of the components inside them. When you combine them with organic molecules in place of the metal required it makes the technology cost-effective.

Introduction Of The Smart Grid

Everyone has heard about the cool smart gadgets being released, but we’ll need to start using a smart grid too. There is no way the grid you use at the moment will be able to handle renewable energy as it’s collected right now. It’s not designed to handle unplanned breakages or sudden shifts in energy demand throughout the day.

Smart grids will take care of the problem and allow everything to run smoothly. Energy will be able to flow from a house back into the grid when it’s needed. People will even be able to see when the energy demand is high, which will tempt them into waiting to turn on their appliances.

We’ll Start Recycling Carbon

Look at the way we recycle things like ink cartridges and materials at the moment. It’s been wonderful for the planet over the years, but it’s simply not enough. We need to improve our recycling abilities and we’ll start doing it with carbon to prevent it from destroying our atmosphere.

You’ll probably be wondering how on earth it’s going to be done, but it’s rather simple when you think about it. We’ll build CO2 capture plants to collect it straight out of the sky. Instead of burying it deep underground it will be used to make certain products until the whole cycle repeats itself again.

The Growth Of Vertical Farming

We’ve seen or heard about vertical farming in the past, but I don’t think anyone could have imagined what it would look like on an industrial scale. It will be possible to grow a tremendous amount of crops in the middle of a large city and they’ll be ready to eat much quicker too.

It will save a lot of gas from being sent into the atmosphere as trucks drive our food across the country. Less food will be wasted because we’ll be able to control the conditions carefully. It will even need around 95 percent less water, which is going to be a game changer.

GPS Will Be Tracking Animals

It’s not only humans inhabiting the earth, so we need to look out for our animal friends. One of the ways we’ll be doing this is by using the power of GPS. There are lots of ways the technology can be used, but the biggest one is probably protecting endangered species before they go the way of the woolly mammoth.

Leatherback turtles are in the endangered species category and their numbers are dwindling. Now we can use GPS to track where they go when they’re swimming around in the ocean. If we have a good idea where they’ll be it will reduce the chances of them being killed due to commercial fishing.

There Is So Much More To Come

First of all, we’ve only talked about a few technologies. There are plenty more we could have covered, but it would have taken all day. Everything we’ve came up with so far will go a long way towards saving the planet.

The interesting thing will be what happens in the next decade or two. It’s impossible to guess what we’re going to come up with next. Maybe we should think about staying here a bit longer before leaving earth.

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