green car

green car

Eco-friendly cars are cars that use hydrogen based fuel or electricity or a combination of both to create low-cost methods of transportation. They also help to reduce the carbon print left on the environment by every driver. These cars are constantly being redesigned to create better models that produce less waste and reduce environmental pollution.  Due to this fact, these cars require less maintenance. Even so, like with all this in this universe, there are advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of green car technology

Shows you care about the environment

The first thing that people think when they see you driving car that uses green technology is that you are serious about saving the planet. If you have been telling your friends and family about how critical it is to recycle and use materials that are safe for the environment, they may never understand what you mean if your car produces more carbon than their on the road. However, with a car like the hybrid Prius 46, they will get your point. You may even convert some of them into buying such a car because they want to protect the planet from global warming.  You may be a much-needed source of inspiration.

There is high potential for a tax break

If you are still thinking about whether you should or should not buy an eco-friendly car, you should. If you do not buy it for the sake of saving the planet, then buy it in the interests of saving your money. By purchasing an eco-friendly car, you will be eligible for as much as $3000 back annually when you file your taxes. While not all eco-friendly cars are available for this amount, most of them are. You will not just be saving yourself money in the form of taxes paid, and you will be earning some money too. These funds can go into that dream vacation for you and your family.

Reduces gas bills

According to statistics, car owners spend as much as 1/3 of their paychecks buying gas for their cars. This study is unsettling. Imagine what else you could be doing with all that money. Most of the electric cars have a gas tank that can carry as much as gallons. This means you can drive up to 600 miles without requiring a refill.  The best part is that hydrogen based gas costs less than $0.8 per mile.

Reduces the nation’s dependency on foreign oil

If all the citizens of a country used electric vehicles, the costs of oil would be reduced. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries sets the prices of oil depending on how much oil they have. Other countries can either take it or leave it. The prices set do not reflect on the supply demand factors, and there is nothing that can be done about it. However, if countries were to choose not to buy the oil, the money saved would be used in other ways to benefit the country.

The drawbacks of green car technology


One of the first things that will put you off about these cars is the fact that the initial cost is high. While they do end up being worth it, in the long run, most people do not have the money to buy the cars, to begin with. Most of these cars range somewhere between $30,000 and $40,000! This is considerably more expensive than mid-sized gas vehicles. It should also be noted that Porsche alloys and other parts of these cars are costly to purchase and are not easy to find in the market. Some of the cheaper electric vehicles will take hours to fully charge and have a mileage of around 80-100 miles. This will give most drivers mileage anxiety.

Fueling areas

Because not many people are using electric cars, you may not easily find a place where you can recharge your vehicle. You, therefore, need to ensure that you have enough power to take you to your destination and back home so you can charge the car.  The consumer choices are also limited to a couple of car models so you might not get the type of car you want when you are out shopping.

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