zero waste

zero waste

It’s important for the survival of the world that the people start adopting a zero waste lifestyle. According to a TED speech given by zero waste activist Bea Johnson, the average American produces one tonne of waste every year.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, but having a billion or more people on the planet taking action will make a big difference over the long-term. It all starts with adopting the 5 R’s, which are refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot. In this article, we share a few simple ways to improve the sustainability practices in your home.

Go paperless.

You can complete most tasks on your desktop, laptop or mobile device if you use the right software application. Files can be stored digitally on the cloud and information can be shared easily by using collaboration software.

When you do have to use paper, make sure that it gets recycled.

Paper is seen as a commodity these days and is easily tossed away as waste both ethically or unethically. Ensure that you implement a simple way to categorize any paper waste so that it can be picked up by the specialist recycler and recycled ethically.

Even if the paper doesn’t go to the recycler immediately, the paper can be used for scrap.

Should you do any printing, make sure that the used ink cartridge goes to the right recycler.

Used ink cartridges are a big problem for the environment. Up to 80 million used ink cartridges end up in landfill, where they are left to erode over a period of 400-1000 years. One of the reasons this occurs is because people dispose their used ink cartridge in their general wastebasket or even their recycling bin, when it should actually be distributed to specialist recyclers who know how to disassemble and categorize the different components that can be recycled.

To recycle your ink cartridges, partner with ethical printer cartridge recyclers that have a scheme in place. This way, all you will need to focus on is collecting and categorizing the cartridges for collection.

Upgrade to LED light bulbs

Although it isn’t strictly a solution for zero waste, it is something that is beneficial for improved sustainability. If your home isn’t making use of energy-efficient lighting, it is time to make the switch. Upgrading to LED lights from incandescent lights can reduce your property’s energy consumption bill by up to 60%.

Carry your own reusable bags to the store

Plastic shopping bags are still a massive problem for the environment. Many supermarkets have included a surcharge for bags in a bid for their shoppers bring reusable bags. It has had a little success, but the traditional plastic bags are still used in abundance.

Some of the ways people get around this is by bringing their own durable bags, as well as pillowcases and large foldable cloths to easily store and carry their purchased goods. This approach significantly reduces the amount of waste that is accumulated from shopping bags.

Avoid purchasing goods with a lot of packaging.

One of the reasons people accumulate so much waste is because there’s so much packaging that goes into the product. Avoid purchasing these goods and aim for fresh options that are unpackaged such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

You could also venture to the butcher’s with your own reusable storage containers and have them place the cuts of meat in them, rather than having them place it in additional packaging that will get thrown out later.

These are a few ways you can implement some practical sustainable habits into your lifestyle. Give them a try to see how well you can implement them in your lifestyle and help the environment for good.

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