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In a previous article, we talked about how you can take active steps towards reducing your daily carbon emissions. Driving less and conserving fuel are among the best ways to lower your carbon footprint. For many reasons, however, not everyone can really afford to leave their cars at home. The cost of taking public transport – or the time required to get to a destination on it – may be too big. There are conveniences that will be lost when you choose not to drive too.

driver less car

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Thanks to some of the recent technologies and services available, driving less is no longer a problem. There are some great alternatives and solutions that will help you enjoy the best of driving without producing so many carbon emissions in the process.

Ride Sharing Services

Ride sharing is one of the best advancements we have seen in recent years. The sharing economy is gaining a lot of traction and has been influencing a lot of industries and fields, including the field of transportation.

Instead of driving your own car – with only one passenger inside – you can actually find other passengers to join you. There are several ways to do this too. You can share the cost of the trip (i.e. fuel and congestion charges) and make the whole trip more economical. Since you’re sharing the carbon footprint with other passengers too, you’re actually going much greener than you think.

You can also act as the passenger and share rides with others. The same sites, including popular ones like Ridester, are making it possible for people to find rides to their destinations regardless of where they are. There are also apps to help you find rides to share conveniently.

Plan Your Trips

Sometimes, all you need to drive less is better planning. We often take multiple trips to the shops to get different items. Making a shopping list and combining those trips into one can actually help save a lot on fuel and allow you to be environmentally friendlier. In fact, taking one trip to a supermarket instead of 4 to multiple shops is enough to lower fuel consumption by as much as 30%.

The same can be said for everyday commuting. You don’t have to take your car everywhere, but that doesn’t mean you should leave it at home either. When attending meetings or going out for lunch in a nearby restaurant, taking a walk or using public transport can help you save a lot.

Speaking of taking alternative means of transport….

Switch to a Bicycle

I started keeping a bicycle at work for obvious reasons. I can now go to places that are a bit further away from the office without having to take my car. After just one month, I not only feel better but save a lot of fuel (and money) in the process too.

Switching to a bicycle for shorter trips is a great idea. You can still get to the places you’re going to quickly without using a single drop of fuel in the process. This, and the previous tips we talked about in this article, will certainly help you drive less without hassle.

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