Three Ways Plastic Pollution Impacts Land and Ocean Animals

Plastic Pollution
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Much has been made of the impact of plastic on the environment, and rightly so. There is, yet, another reason why you should be careful of how you dispose of

The hidden problem of indoor air pollution in the UK

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Most of us know about the damaging effects of air pollution on the human body, the environment and the health of our cities. After all, it is difficult to miss

Four Reasons You Should Consider An Air Purifier

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Most people tend to think that air pollution is only something that occurs outdoors, however this is not the case. In fact, many people would be surprised and shocked to

5 Benefits of Air Purifiers That You Must Know

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The world is increasingly becoming more polluted by the minute. The air that we breathe in is contaminated by many dust and allergy particles. Even when we stay indoors, we

Go Green: 11 Ways to Get Started

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Going green has many rewards: Even as you finally get to play your part in saving the planet, you also get to lead a more sustainable, ethical, and healthier life!

The New Frontier of Water Conservation

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It’s hard for some people to wrap their heads around water scarcity. Isn’t the world three-fourths water? We’re the little blue planet, after all! How hard can it be to

Environmental Pollution is a Social Justice Issue

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Climate change, under the umbrella of environmental justice issues, plays a part in social justice as do so many other growing environmental concerns. While it’s a mild concern in first

Out of Time

The Yangtze near Three Gorges
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I have some bad news. My wife and I recently returned from a three week, fall 2017 vacation/tour of China traveling with a very fine Canadian tour outfit, staying in

Curbing Pollution: How Businesses and Consumers Can Reduce Their Carbon Footprints

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Pollution is a global problem for centuries. Even with the growing number of sustainable steps taken to help preserve the Earth as well as its atmosphere, contaminants build up faster than we can stop them. This

How Much Pollution Does One Household Contribute Each Year to the Environment?

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You’re interested in conservation, and you want to do your part to decrease the waste you’re contributing to the world. You, like many others, have tried to scope your output