One of the best developments that have come out of the past few decades is that people are becoming a lot more environmentally friendly. Many of us are becoming more eco-conscious about the different decisions we make allowing us to become friendlier towards the environment. This life can be pretty hard considering it takes a lot of unlearning everything we have been taught in the past. Keep reading this article to find out four ways you can become more environmentally friendly this year.

Educate yourself

Firstly, educating yourself on environmentalism and sustainability is a good place to start. Individuals have undertaken degrees in sustainable energy and environmental practices and are now working for infamous engineering companies. As well as reading up on environmental issues and topics surrounding sustainability, it is also useful to familiarise yourself with the environmental consulting projects that are undertaken by impactful businesses like Arup. They’re known for environmental consulting in general, but they also love understanding the extent of varying impacts on the environment and working towards sustainability goals.

Therefore, you can begin your quest to become more environmentally friendly by educating yourself on the current state of the environmental and sustainability industry to help you understand the work that’s being done in practice.

Reduce waste

Second of all, a great way to become environmentally friendly is by reducing the amount of waste you produce each day. If you find switching to friendlier measures, then this is a good small step to consider as it doesn’t take much to reduce waste – hence why so many of us are doing it each day. For instance, it can be as simple as using a reusable water bottle and purchasing products with less packaging. With this, you would be consuming the same products but making more environmentally conscious decisions in the process. Not all businesses are supporting this at the moment, but the more changes you make will certainly impact the change.

Don’t burn energy

Do you often have your heating on at home all the time? This is not something to continue doing if you want to become more environmentally friendly. For example, keeping your heating on more often than you have to will drain your monthly budget, result in energy loss and contribute to environmental degradation. Global warming is a serious issue (this is something else you can read up on!) and small steps should be taken to tackle it from your perspective. To keep your home warm, consider replacing your roof, re-insulating your walls and re-sealing your windows.

Eat less meat

Finally, one of the most environmentally friendly and conscious decisions you can make is to reduce your meat consumption. Industrial meat produces huge amounts of carbon emissions every day and this is having a profound effect on the environment. Farming also results in deforestation which is very bad for the atmosphere. We recommend that you do your research surrounding this to truly understand the impact of too much meat consumption.

Consider these tips to become more environmentally friendly in 2021!

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