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Books are undoubtedly the most sentimental thing we have in our houses. It is a representation of learning, symbols, thought-provoking narratives, and character. It is often a problem for avid readers that they have a heap of books in their small, personal library, and it becomes challenging to store them. Our emotions are the core of the problem behind book storage.

No book lover wants to give up any of their books. Our love could be big but space in our home is not. This article will help you to store your books effectively with creative and tasteful methods to store books. Before we read about the tips, let’s know five places to store books at home.

5 Places to Keep Books

It is not mandatory to store the books in a bookcase. Marie Kondo – a Japanese author – stated: “Make your home and possessions spark joy.” Let’s look at five ways to store the books at home.

  • Upright Room: It is okay to stack your treasure on a thin and tall shelf. It will save a lot of space and give a taller appearance to the room.
  • Beneath the Bench: You can utilize the bench seats to make room for your books. It will give a tidy look to the prolific book pile, giving you a creative way to sort them.
  • Don’t Come Out of Closet: Everyone has small closets in their homes, which can be transformed into bookcases. You can give it a scintillating look by replacing the door with a glass window.
  • Slender Slops: Using thin slops or shelves to make them bookshelves will turn your hallway into an art gallery. It is an excellent way to store the book neatly.
  • Hail the Cupboards: Those who own cupboards that do not touch the ceiling can use the top space for books. It will help to make your kitchen appear beautiful in line with your adorable books.

2 Pro Tips for Storing Books

# 1: Consider the Climate!

Never forget that a paper is organic and degrades over time due to various reasons, namely pests, mold, bacteria, fungi, and more. It is gradual but deadly. Read the following things carefully to learn to store the books:

  • Low Temperature: Storing books in cold places will prevent living things away eating your books. It is suggested to keep the temperature below 23.8°C. 
  • Too Much Humidity: Please learn that mold and fungus grow in humid areas and can damage your books if it is kept in humid places.
  • Too Less Humidity: There is also a risk of low-relative humidity because it can turn your pages brittle with dryness. You definitely do not want broken pages at your end. You can also use the customizable branded packaging in which they came to store them and put them away for a while instead of placing them all around the house.
  • Light Can Be an Enemy: Ultraviolet (UV) radiation can turn your book’s pages yellow with faded texts. It would be excellent to keep your books away from direct sunlight.

It is important to take care of your treasures because they hold stories and knowledge of all the world in them. You never know when a book might discontinue and become valuable over time.

# 2: Shelve it Right! 

Ernest Hemingway – the American novelist – expressed: “There is no friend as loyal as a book.” We should try to match the loyalty of books. Books also demand care and attention, and you can’t ignore them, throwing them anywhere you like.

You need to have bookshelves to preserve the books. We know that books are inexpensive, but it also makes your books prone to damage. You have to know the angles, areas, and literally everything when storing your books. You do not want them even to fall because it can also tamper with the quality.

You require an apt shelf where all your books will be nestled like a knowledgeable and exciting family.

The Bottom Line

You must have come across the quotes by Russian-American writer Vera Nazarian, who said, “Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.” This article sheds light on what Nazarian said and meant about books. You would not have been reading this article if you were not a book nerd, and it can’t be overlooked that books do deserve a lovely home.

You know where to store them and know that climate and shelves are essential in preserving the books. You can’t let pests have your books as their lunch. Follow this guide to keep your books safe.

We would also love to hear your say on our articles. If you have any ideas to store books in a more effective way, please enlighten us.

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