Soda is something that refreshes our minds and sends a chill down our spine. Since an early age, we have been unintentionally addicted to soft drinks without knowing about their potential hazards. We have seen that many people are talking about stop drinking sodas and replace them with water or smoothies with time. We all realize that it is not an easy journey because of its addiction. Why you should not drink a soft drink comes with several serious points.


Drinking one or two soda glasses is quite normal, and a soda industry that shall remain unnamed because they rhyme with Ebola is launching different variations to undermine the soda harm. We know such new variations taste good on the tongue, but it still is not healthy enough. Many people do not take carbonated drinks seriously, but you might experience some withdrawal signs like an intensive craving or checking your fridge frequently in the hope of finding a soda.

We shall look at five reasons to stop drinking soft drinks and how to affect your body.

Why Should You Stop Drinking Carbonated Drinks?

  1. Addiction: It comes with caffeine and causes addiction, similar to smoking a cigarette. Caffeine is a matter that functions as a stimulant and offers temporary energy. However, too much caffeine can lead to fatigue and cause tension. If you do not want to go cold turkey on soft drinks, we would advise consuming caffeine in the form of coffee and work your way out. You can buy roasted beans to enjoy a cup of coffee which is better than sodas. Such products are now available in Kraft box packaging, which saves the environment and preserves bean’s taste and aroma.   
  2. Weight Gain: It is studied that carbonated drinks, including diet ones, grow the risk of obesity. A carbonated beverage increases obesity risk by 1.6 times. It has many calories and fewer amount of nutrients.
  3. Dehydration: It is pertinent to mention that caffeine is a diuretic and grows the urinary frequency, resulting in dehydration. Next time you feel thirsty, simply drink water.
  4. Weaken Bones: Consuming sodas also cause lower bone density and grows osteoporosis chances. Phosphoric acid from such drinks tampers the bones’ ability to absorb calcium. Moreover, it can erode teeth enamel.
  5. Body Affections: It further builds up chances of diabetes and cardiovascular conditions. Please refrain from drinking carbonated drinks as they can cause cirrhosis and acidity and impact the digestive system. Other issues, like blood pressure irregularities and kidney stones, can also occur.

How a Soda Affect Your Body?

What is the science behind feeling so good after drinking a chilled soda? Let’s see how soda affects your body:

  • First 10 Minutes:In the first ten minutes, ten sugar teaspoons will hit your system. It is pertinent to mention that it is equal to the amount you are suggested to take regularly. The reason you do not end up puking it out because phosphoric acid cuts the flavor and allows the body to keep it down.
  • Within the First 20 Minutes: There will be an insulin burst following a spike in blood sugar. Your liver reacts to it by turning any sugar it finds into fat.
  • After 40 Minutes: Your caffeine absorption is complete by now. Pupils dilate, BP rises, and the liver starts to unload more sugar into the bloodstream. It bars the adenosine receptors in the brain and avoids drowsiness.
  • 45 Minutes: Your body rises the dopamine production triggering the pleasure parts of the brain. It works like heroin works.
  • 60 Minutes: Phosphoric acid connects calcium, magnesium, and zinc in the lower intestine and boosts metabolism. Sugar’s high doses compound it and increase calcium’s urinary excretion.
  • After an Hour: After an hour, the diuretic traits of caffeine come into play and makes you pee. It is seen that a body will evacuate the bonded calcium, magnesium, and zinc that was directed to the bones and sodium, water, and electrolytes.

A body will start sugar crashing once the rave inside it goes dead. It could cause irritation or sluggishness. A body has now urinated out all the water existing in the soft drink. However, it infuses it with valuable nutrients before leaving the body, and such nutrients could be beneficial in hydration and having healthy teeth and bones. Please do not fall victium to the misconception that diet drinks are not harmful as they will make you suffer the same as a regular soda. It also has an artificial sweetener that poisons the digestive system.

To Sum It Up

It is seen in this article that carbonated drinks pose a serious threat to the health and how it starts taking effect within the first ten minutes of consumption. It would be best to drink healthful smoothies or water instead of this addictive drink.

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