These days, more and more people are cluing into the fact that it is more important than ever to make a conscious effort towards being more environmentally friendly. Sometimes, even simple changes towards a greener lifestyle can make a big difference in the long run. If you are looking to implement greener practices in your own life, why not start with the area of your home that is actually green?

When you take measures to make your garden more environmentally friendly, you can enjoy a lovely outdoor space with the knowledge that you have created a space using green practices. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily need to jump to composting your own fertilizer or taking drastic measure. Rather, creating an environmentally friendly garden is more about being more aware about where you source your materials and avoiding harsh chemicals.

Incorporating stable poultry netting can play a crucial role in creating an environmentally-friendly garden. This type of netting provides a sustainable solution for protecting plants from pests, minimizing the need for harmful chemical pesticides. With stable poultry netting, you can create a physical barrier preventing unwanted animals from accessing your garden, allowing plants to flourish naturally. This netting can also serve as a trellis for climbing plants, promoting vertical gardening and maximizing space efficiency. You can embrace eco-friendly practices and foster a thriving garden ecosystem by opting for stable poultry netting.

Here are just a few things that you can do in order to build a more environmentally friendly garden.

Start with the Lawn

When you are looking to add some grass to your garden, you have a great many options available to you. It is a good idea to steer clear of any artificial turf as adding plastic and synthetic materials to your garden isn’t exactly in the spirit of environmental friendliness. Instead, look to turf your garden with grass that has been grown by a company that has maximum respect for the environment.

Companies that produce turf in an eco-friendly manner will have responsibly sourced water and other resources and will have avoided the use of dangerous chemicals and fertilizers. By supporting such companies, you will be making sure that your garden project has been environmentally friendly before you even started it. You can find turf that has been grown responsibly at

Avoid Chemicals

While there are a variety of products on the market today that promise to remove your garden of pests and boost the life of your plants and grass, it is important to know precisely what it is that you are putting into your garden. Many such products contain harsh chemicals that, while effective in performing the task they promise, are far worse for the environment on the whole.

Your best course of action is to look for natural solutions for any problems that arise in your garden. For instance, there are a number of plants that produce a fragrance that will repel certain pests. You can also use companion planting to help combat some of the more common issues that arise with the most popular garden plants. Moreover, there are also more natural options for fertilizers and composted materials that will end up being far better for your lawn and plants than harsh chemicals.

Weeds are another common complaint amongst gardeners. This can become such a problem that you might feel as though your only option is to turn to chemicals to rid your garden of weeds. The solution to your weed problem might actually be as simple as laying a plastic sheet over them and weighing it down.

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