COVID19 has certainly changed the way that we do things in many industries. And with the public wanting to feel as safe as possible as they try to go about their daily business in a normal way, restaurant owners are bringing in extra measures to provide an additional layer of protection and encourage customers to use their businesses since they know that their health is the number one priority. If you run a restaurant, diner, or other eatery there are several things that you can do to provide peace of mind to your customers and encourage them to come back more often.


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Social Distancing:

First of all, the last thing that anybody wants to do right now is eat at a really busy restaurant. So, it’s your responsibility to make sure that you are limiting the number of people who are allowed to dine at any one time. You could do this by reducing the number of tables in your restaurant and only allowing people to eat when they have a table booked, so that you can control the amount of people on the premises at once.


In some restaurants, it’s not possible to keep tables an appropriate distance away. In this case, it might be useful to use Sneeze Guard EZ. These are transparent plastic guards that can be set up to provide a physical barrier between tables that are too close together. They help to shield your customers from others who may be spreading the virus unknowingly when speaking or coughing.

Temperature Checks:

One of the first symptoms of COVID19 is a high fever, but some people may not even realize that their temperature is high until it becomes uncomfortable. Because of this, many restaurants have decided to conduct mandatory temperature checks on all staff and customers before they enter the restaurant and only allow those in whose temperature is at a normal range.

Staff Hygiene:

Customers will always feel safer when they can easily see that employees are taking hygiene protocols seriously. Allow some extra time between table bookings for employees to completely clean the entire table and chairs a little more than they usually would, and make sure that there are ample hand sanitizers around the restaurant for people to use, particularly at the entrance.

Mask Wearing:

Wearing a face covering is now mandatory in many states and while it’s not possible for customers to sit down to eat while wearing one, it should be encouraged that they keep their mask on until they are at their table, and put it back on if they need to get up for any reason. You can encourage customers to stay sat at their tables by providing table service only and encourage your patrons to wear masks where necessary by asking your employees to wear them too.

The restaurant business was hit quite hard by COVID19 lockdowns so it’s no surprise that many restaurant owners want things to get back to normal quickly. In order to encourage customers to frequent your restaurant once again, consider implementing these safety measures.

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