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Many scientists believe that the power of thought can control your own perception of temperature regimes – for example, your body will be warmer if you imagine a sunny tropical beach. Perhaps Socrates used this method when he walked barefoot in the snow – apparently, this method worked for him. But if you’re not Socrates, there are several other ways to keep warm this winter.

There is a frosty debate being discussed in the UK due to many different regional accents, dialects, and local traditions the way each region refers to the cold can differ. The phrases arent understood by all British people. Regatta has surveyed800 UK respondents to find out the most common ways of saying, ‘it’s cold!’The results are here:

forest debate

There aren’t just many ways to say ‘it’s cold’ but there are several ways of keeping warm too. Many of use just pop the heating on or plug in a heater but this can be damaging to the environment. Before opting for gas or electric options try the following ways to stay warm.

  1. Hot drinks

Hot drinks raise the body temperature, but there is a nuance: say yes to hot tea, soup, and broths and no – milk punch with brandy and wine-Brulee. In fact, alcohol lowers your body temperature, and don’t be fooled by the rush of heat. It is better to choose herbal tea as it is good for your health and will definitely warm you.

  1. Try to bake something – you might like it

Besides being a great source of heat, the oven can also help you learn a useful cooking skill to surprise your loved ones. Try any recipe from something sweet to a savory pastry – yum! Do not forget that you are not a polar bear, and do not rely on high-calorie foods to keep warm (although winter is close, someday it will end). It is better to prepare something spicy or if you are in the mood, you can bake bread – you will get warm from just kneading the dough.

  1. Movement is power

Sports are always a great idea. Exercising in cold weather requires more energy to keep the body warm, so your workouts will be even more effective. Cardio is especially good. If you are not yet ready to go jogging, then start introducing physical activity gradually – sharpen your skates. And choose some cool outfits for mood and motivation.

  1. Yes, you need warm clothes

This may seem obvious, but you will be surprised how many people, for some reason, continue to walk with thin clothing in cold weather. The main rules for wardrobe in winter are layering up in materials that keep you warm. It is important that the fabric not only provides reliable thermal insulation but also prevents you from sweating. In general, these are all-natural fabrics – cotton, wool, corduroy, cashmere. Of course, you also want to look good so you could opt for a heated jacket or large coat.

We recommend paying attention to jackets with goose down – it is warm, looks decent, and the materials meet the Responsible Down Production Standard (RDS). Goose down is a lightweight and reliable material that provides thermal insulation. Still, it is very important to ensure that the material meets the RDS standard, ensuring that animals are treated ethically at all stages of down production.

  1. Foot baths and contrast showers

A timeless way to get warm quickly is to have contrasting showers and treat yourself to a foot bath – with a hot beverage of course. After two hours of ice skating or a long walk indulge in a hot foot bath to stimulate circulation. Especially if you add ginger or red pepper oil extracts, for those who have continually freezing hands and feet, we also recommend getting into the habit of taking a contrast shower.

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