Today when I walked around my herbal garden, I noticed the sights and smell of the spring growth. It turned me mesmerized to its aesthetic beauty.

People enjoy outdoorsy like this and even more like camping, tramping, fishing, ski, snowboard, swimming, walking along the beaches, collecting shells, and kicking sand as these rejuvenates mood and drive a favorable atmosphere.

Natural Resources

What arouses outdoorsy aversion since then?

The queer appearance of the environment where you are in danger, no longer protected from natural barriers. This part of the story that we need to conserve. The conservation of the natural environment, marine, wildlife is not a necessity but our duty.

According to my recent R&D, I found many interesting stories about the environment. A few of them are listed below.

  • The mammoth appearance of variant insects adds an advantage to the plants. The extensive polarization in plants takes place on repositioning the seeds done by these small lovely creatures.
  • New England trees are storing extensive carbon as measured from the world’s running Eddy-flux tower catered by the Harvard Forests Environmental station team.
  • The massive consumption of seafood sufficed through aquaculture.
  • Marine life health can be purified when institutes measures for the atonement of ocean plastic problems.
  • Aquatic animals by then can be protected using the bivalves, robots that drive deep down to sea level, and the sea bird’s feces used for fertilizer.

On this conservation week, I would like to portray a few examples of conservation benefits.


Amazon Conservation

Amazon forests cover a wide area rapidly spanning around eight developing countries. It has its advantage from carbon capture and storage to water provision. The carbon storage in the Amazon forest contributes to the mitigation of climate change. Henceforth the risk of loss due to deforestation, mining processes, fires, soy production, and land degradation can be trapped by Landsat8 and Sentinel2 satellites.

The measures to protect Amazon forests have been working since 1993. Of which, the full ownership of entire land to the native people overcomes the curbing deforestation and extensive respiratory health risks in this area. Forest restoration efforts, payments for ecosystem services, conservation finances are few of the forest conservation initiatives taken still in progress.

Conservation of Marine Health:

Marine life has a range of sustainability challenges like environmental degradation overuse of antibiotics, the release of disease agents that kill underwater plants, and the requirement of wild-caught fish to produce feed, the discharge of the factories sewage into the oceans. Nevertheless, endangered marine animals are in danger and in need to be protected. Secondly, the ocean plastic problem is at hype.

Aquatic robots can prove beneficial to destroy human-induced ecological disasters that are affecting life in the environment. The bivalves are the filter feeder to filter a large amount of seawater and eliminate ocean plastic.

Initiatives to conserve wildlife:

The research team Protects animals from sustaining physical and emotional pain, sport hunting to the discontinuation of wildlife rescue from oil spills. The Species of cold temperate zones move to other latitudes or due to climate change. The decline in bird diversity as the human population encroaches on their resources.


The conservation efforts have recovered from near extinction and would subsidence in the coming year.

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