LED Lights

With everything that’s happening in the world, the environment is the most affected one. That’s why we make every possible alternative that could save our environment from becoming totally damaged. So, did you know that even the lights you use for your home, office, school, or anywhere can contribute to the lifespan of the earth?

LED Lights


Traditional lighting might be harmful to the environment but with the use of modern technologies, environmental-friendly lightings have finally arrived! Yes, we are talking about LED lights here! Still wondering what are there advantages? We’ve got you covered! Here are the top 5 reasons why LED lights are good for the environment:

  1. LED Lights are Energy Efficient

LED lights are energy efficient. It means that they use less electricity than traditional lightings like a fluorescent light. They are believed to produce 95% light and 5% heat which is way better than the 5% light and 95% heat produced by traditional lightings. By this reason, it will not cost you much in the long run with regards to electric bills.

Energy Efficient


Remember that if the lightings you use are energy efficient  LED lights, it will have a positive effect to the environment. Simply because if we reduce the use of electricity, there’s a lesser chance of power plants to burn fuel to provide electricity. Furthermore, the gas being emitted by power plants can cause the thickening of the ozone layer and a lot more pollution. So, less usage of electricity, the more it is beneficial for the environment.

  1. LED Lights are Long Lasting

You no longer need to think of budgeting money for your lighting needs. With LED lights, you can be sure that they will last longer than what you’ve expected. Traditional lights may seem to be cheap in price but they are made to be replaced in just a short time. Thus, giving you a whole lot of problem in purchasing one after another.

Long Lasting


Moreover, LED lights tend to last longer, keeping the environment free from waste. This way, you can be sure that you’re not just saving yourself some added charges or expenses, but also saving the environment from waste materials.

  1. LED Lights are Not Harmful

Little did everyone know that the use of traditional lights like fluorescent and incandescent carries a harmful material that will damage the environment upon disposal. Traditional lights carry a chemical called mercury which is very toxic. However, unlike traditional light, LED lights don’t carry any harmful material, assured by the 100% satisfaction of throwing them properly without giving any damage to the environment.

safe led


Additionally, you don’t have to keep on disposing LED lights every now and then as they are long-lasting than traditional lightings. This means that if you don’t throw away things, even if they are not toxic, it will still give the environment less waste.

  1. LED Lights have Better Lighting Capacity

As we’ve mentioned above, LED lights produce 95% light, in contrast to traditional lights which only have 5% light. You can be sure that the light distribution of LED lights is way better than traditional lights. For example, if you have to light a whole room, you might be needing a lot of fluorescent because the light distribution is not that bright. This will consume more energy that will result in the emission of toxic waste which will add more damage to the environment.

Lighting Capacity


However, the use of LED light in just one whole room is enough. They are well distributed in order to give equal illumination of the room without giving you their heating while functioning feels. Giving you the best possible way of less energy consumption and toxic waste emission of power plants.

  1. LED Lights are Durable

LED lights are composed of sturdy materials that can work best anywhere and in any given season! Since they only give off 5% heat, the chance of adapting any weather season is guaranteed may it be hot, cold, or anything in between. They are ideal to be placed indoor, outdoor, or anywhere you want them, without having doubts that they might overheat.



Additionally, some LED lights have a solar powered feature which is best used in places where electric supply is not good. What’s more environmentally-friendly than lighting which uses solar power to work and doesn’t undergo any chemical process that might damage the environment?


Given the problems we are already facing for our environment nowadays, there’s nothing else we can do more but to lend a helping hand to our mother nature. So, it’s now time to switch to LED lights for your home now! You will not only save energy, money, and other lighting expenses but will also get to see the better disposition of our environment today and for the coming years!

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