Science is the preferred field of study for numerous students around the world. With the advances in technology, the number of branches within the science domain is increasing on a regular basis. This development often leads to the students facing a dilemma as to which field of science to pursue their careers in. Nevertheless, there are certain fields which are becoming more popular than others due to their vast potential in the future. So here is a list of the top 10 branches of science in which most significant changes are expected in the next decade providing you with an opportunity to boost your career:


1. Quantitative Biology

Quantitative Biology is an emerging field of study which brings together the concepts of Biology as well as Mathematics. As the name suggests, the field focuses on understanding biological processes by analysing them from the viewpoint of formulas and models. This field of study also includes concepts of other branches of science such as Computer Science and Physics. This field has various practical applications such as the study of cell density and is a prospect career destination to look out for in the future.

2. Nutritional Genomics

This field focuses on the interlinks between genetic expressions and food. The field is not limited to studying the various components of food products. It also analyses dietary responses and influence on human genes. The role of our diet has increasingly been under scrutiny in recent years since humans have become more and more health conscious. Therefore, rapid changes are expected in nutritional genomics and this could be one of the most rapidly developing industries in the future.

3. Neuromorphic Engineering

In the modern era, the boundaries between robots and humans are increasingly being blurred. The field of neuromorphic engineering is based on theories which aim to remove these boundaries. This field creates computer systems which can behave and respond like human beings or other living organisms. With robots becoming a part of our daily lives, this field is likely to developfurther in the near future creating new and interesting opportunities for building a career in science.

4. Microbiology

This field is based on the study of micro-organisms. Since these living organisms are too small to be visible to the naked eye, research on them was neglected by humans for centuries. However, for the last few decades, microbiology has become a mainstream topic of research as more and more students choose it as their preferred field of study. Microbiology has already helped in reducing the instances of disease among humans. Even in the next decade, the field is likely to continue its development in order to have a better understanding of microorganisms and their impact on our lives.

5. Proteomics

As the name suggests, proteomics is the study of proteins in the human body. With the increasing focus on fitness at a global level, the study of proteins is very popular today. This field focuses on understanding the functions of proteins, as well as their behaviour under varied external conditions. This field can have widespread practical applications since there are numerous protein-based food products available in the market. Over the next decade, this field could see rapid growth.

6. Cytogenics

Cytogenics involves the study of human chromosomes. This field is one of the most popular areas in the current environment because chromosomes have a key role to play in the health and well-being of humans. In this field, human chromosomes are labelled,and then their actions are monitored in order to build a better understanding of their abilities as well as their limitations. This is an exciting subject for students who are looking to study a non-conventional field of science.

7. Genetics

The study of genetics has already become one of the most critical fields of science. This is because human DNA contains so much data which can be analysed and even modified. These data sets define who we are,and thus it is crucial to building a thorough understanding of their functioning. Further, by analysing genetic components and their reactions to the environment, there is a possibility that the prevalence of diseases can be minimised in the future. The field of genetics is likely to become even more advanced over the next decade, presenting a great opportunity for students who wish to further their careers in an exciting area of science.

8. Organic Electronics

This is an emerging branch of science which focuses on developing organic conductors and semiconductors. The primary application of such semiconductors is that they can be engrained within the human body. For instance, if a body part or tissue is not working as expected, organic electronics can help in building an artificial substitute which can work as well as the natural one. This field has picked up since the development of nanotechnology which has provided a major boost to organic electronics. This field of study is likely to become even more popular over the next decade.

9. Machine Learning

Machine learning is an area which has attracted much attention from corporations and individuals alike. This is because computers are an integral part of our lives. If these computers can gain the ability to learn from experiences, they can become even more efficient and help us in our daily life and work. There has already been a lot of investment in this field,and this is only likely to increase further in the next decade. Machine Learning is expected to play an even more crucial role in our lives in the future.

10. Cliodynamics

This field is based on the concept of exploring history as a form of science. Cliodynamics enables students to conduct research on historical events and data sets in a manner that scientific models can be applied to them. Further, this field of science applies concepts of sociology and event modelling to the past occurrences in human history. This field also allows students to understand the historical human events in the form of macrosociology. Over the next decade, this field is likely to become a mainstream branch of science.

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