Going Green

Going Green

When running a business, there’s so much to think about – from attracting and retaining staff, to generating customers and sustainable revenue. It’s tough. But how much do you also think about how environmentally-friendly your company is? There are, of course, strict rules and regulations in place which govern some areas of industry, including manufacturing. Yet, more generally, is going green something your working environment embraces? Here are three reasons why it makes business sense.

Efficiency savings

Any business owners would surely welcome the opportunity to make cost savings across their operations, right? Well, that’s where being green can help. If you’re producing goods in a factory-type environment, how efficient and clean is the machinery and wider infrastructure you are using? Are there better options out there that you could invest in? Yes, you may have to spend more money initially, but if that investment cuts down on your energy use, over time you should be making savings.

Instead of traditional power sources, your business could also look at renewable forms of generating energy – for example, through solar or wind turbines. There are lots of options out there for all types of business, so perhaps it’s time to explore them?

At other levels of the business, you can be making operations more efficient by installing the best in LED high bay lights from companies like SOMPOR, and installing sensors that switch off lighting when areas of the workspace are not being used and cutting down on the overall amount of redundant technology which may be contributing to your bills.

Other simple things like encouraging staff not to print so much, using electronic formats instead – and not boiling a full kettle of water in the kitchen when they only need enough for one cup. These changes can all add up to a leaner, greener operation – making your business more environmentally-friendly and, hopefully, cutting overall costs.

An attractive place to work

If you spread a green ethos through your workforce, it can help bring people together under the one united cause. Staff will feel that, through your systems in place, that they’re making a difference to the environment and, for many, that can be a real draw to a company – when someone is looking for a job.

You may also have workers who have experience in sustainability and green issues who can use their knowledge and experience to improve your company’s performance even further. They can also advise on incentives for the workforce and how best to spread the word about caring for the environment through their daily duties.

Attractive for clients

Having strong green credentials can also be good for your client base. If your customers know that you’re seriously committed to sustainability, then they may well choose you as a supplier over others when it comes to retaining contracts. You may also attract new clients because of how well known you are for thinking about the environment. It’s something you should shout about if you’re making a success of it.

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