Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Transportation is an enormous part of modern day life. The majority of people rely very heavily on some form of transportation every single day whether it is to go to work, to drop the kids off at school, go shopping or to visit friends and family. Public transportation is popular, but most people drive a car due to the fact that it gives them greater control over their transportation needs.

Global Impact

Whilst the majority of people owning an automobile is important and key to people’s lives, it is also quite damaging due to the fact that most of these vehicles are powered by petrol or diesel which can be damaging to the environment and pollute the air. With millions of people taking to the roads each day, this damage can be significant and it is a cause for concern.

The Future

There has been a global effort to protect the environment and improve air quality in recent years due to the damage already done and the number of deaths related to polluted air. One of the key ways that steps are being taken to protect the environment is to implement new bans and charges on polluting vehicles and we are seeing this in many major cities around Europe. The UK Government recently announced a pro-posed 2040 ban on petrol and diesel which has accelerated the green car revolution.

Eco-Friendly Driving

This has all led to the rise of both hybrid and alternatively fuelled vehicles (AFVs), including electric and hydrogen fuel celled vehicles. Hybrid vehicles use both a petrol or diesel engine along with an electric motor, whilst electric cars and hydrogen fuel celled vehicles do not use a traditional petroleum fuel and this means that they are completely eco-friendly. More and more motorists are making the switch to these eco-friendly vehicles and manufacturers are aware of this shift in attitude and now practically every manufacturer has at least one electric vehicle in their range.


There are still many motorists that are hesitant to make the switch and this is for a few different reasons. One of the major concerns is the fact that these electric vehicles can be quite expensive, although there are now more affordable ones available too. One good option for motorists concerned about the cost is to purchase one of these vehicles on a finance deal from a dealer like AA Cars – this helps them to spread the cost.

Another concern is the lack of infrastructure, but this is rapidly changing and it is said that the number of electric charging points will outnumber petrol stations in the UK by 2020. Another concern is range anxiety, but the battery technology is improving and the increasing number of charging points make this less of a concern.

Transportation is a key component of life and particularly owning a vehicle, but this also has created a lot of damage to the environment. Fortunately, steps are now being taken and the rise of the green car revolution should have a huge impact in slowing down environmental damage and improve air quality.

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