Everywhere you look, from residential rooftops to commercial facilities, it is clear that solar power is on the rise.  Solar power generates electricity without polluting the environment and has no risk of fuel price spikes.  Furthermore, due to reductions in the cost of the panels, the incentives from tax credits and rebates, and the savings compared to all other energy options, the solar trend will continue its upswing far into the future.

You’ve no doubt seen that the renewable energy craze has taken over the world and would like to do your part to preserve the environment for future generations.  Perhaps you’ve taken the plunge and installed rooftop solar panels, and they have been providing you with a portion or the totality of your energy needs.

But if committing to rooftop solar panels isn’t possible right now, there are other ways you can incorporate solar technology into your home to feel like you’re part of the solar revolution.

Just looking at the range of lighting products, your options are innumerable.  Outdoor lighting products vary in function, power, style and price; changing out the old models for solar types will have an immediate impact on the environment and your wallet.  Some of the more powerful lights for the residential market are solar powered LED street lights that are often used to illuminate courtyards, driveways and patios.  Another powerful and functional solar powered product is the motion-triggered spotlight, which can help to deter criminals and make you feel more secure when you take out the trash or get the mail after dark.

Solar lighting is easy to install because it has no wiring, so installing landscape lighting is something you can do immediately.  Lamp posts, post cap lights, wall- and pedestal-mounted accent lights, underground landscape lights, step lights, pendant landscape lights and pathway lights are just some of the fixtures to choose from.  You can even stock up on solar-powered Christmas lights for the holiday season.  Indoor solar lighting, while not as popular as outdoor lighting, is available in the form of lighting kits that include a solar collector, an LED light and a lithium ion battery.

How much money do you save by using solar panels?  Assuming an average yearly electricity usage of ll,000 kilowatt-hours, you would save at least $10,000 per year with a 6 kilowatt residential solar system.  In the states where the electricity rates are higher, Massachusetts and New York for example, you could save thousands more.  Businesses can also save a bundle by going with solar.  According to solar market research data from EnergySage, a commercial property owner can eliminate 75 percent of their overall energy costs by switching to solar.  Municipalities are also getting into this new trend.  In 2017, the city of Las Vegas reported that it had reduced its overall energy costs by more than $5 million a year by utilizing renewable energies, including solar.  If you’re inspired to save money and reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing solar lighting products, check out, a trusted worldwide shipping website that sells the best solar powered products for the best price.

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