Cutting Trees

Cutting Trees

Cutting trees, or logging is an activity people do from time to time for a variety of reasons. Apart from beautifying your surroundings, it has other benefits as well, such as keeping the tree population healthy by harvesting sick trees, lowering the risk of forest fires, and minimizing the competition between trees for much needed nutrients.

With such an important activity, not only for providing resources for a community and keeping a the forested areas healthy, not many people really know the proper ways of cutting down trees. Sometimes, neglecting to do one simple thing may prove fatal to an inexperienced woodcutter, but lucky for you, we have this article to help you out.

Here is a list of things you need to avoid when cutting down trees:

Not putting on your safety gear

Though it may seem like an obvious thing to remember, this is a common mistake people make when they want to cut down trees. Plenty of people naively believe that the chances of them getting hurt in the work area is miniscule, but this is far from the truth, particularly when you’re dealing with tons of tree matter. Simply put, this is a matter of being safe than sorry. Investing in proper safety gear is definitely the way to go.

Using an old chainsaw

The chainsaw is one of the most commonly used tools in cutting down trees. One common mistake people make when dealing with this machine that they use chainsaws that are old, or are poorly maintained. Always use a properly functioning machine, and avoid using ones that have not aged well. Perform safety checks before the work day starts just to be safe.

Working alone

It is easier, safer and more efficient to work with someone when cutting down trees, but some people make the mistake of working alone which is dangerous. If you have someone with you, that person will be able to alert you of any issues that are out of your line of sight, such as a falling object, so you do not get hurt.

Assuming you know how to do it

Not everyone knows how to cut down trees so ensuring you understand the nitty gritty of this is important. Do not assume that you know how to do it in the get go. Different trees may have different ways of handling them, so do your research and be sure you know the steps involved in it. If you are not sure of what to do, get a professional to do it. By clicking here, you can easily find help should you need it.

Leaning your ladder on the tree

People make this tree cutting mistake a lot because it seems convenient doing so. This is dangerous as it can lead to you having some injuries from your chain saw. This may also cause injury to some unfortunate passersby, and not just the one cutting the tree.

Letting your chainsaw run out of gas

Before embarking on cutting down your tree, ensure your tanks are filled with gas and can last the entire operation. It can be frustrating if gas runs out while you are halfway cutting down your tree. Some people make this mistake of not being adequately prepared so avoid doing so.

Losing your grip on your chainsaw

When using your chain saw ensure your grip is firm and not weak so it doesn’t slip off your hands. Keeping a good grip on your tools, not just your chainsaw, would definitely add years to your life if you decide to cut trees for a living.

Cutting down a rotten tree

Some people make the mistake of attempting to cut down trees that are already rotten. This can be pretty risky as some parts of the tree can just fall off while cutting and land on you. Avoid cutting such trees so you do not get injured rather leave this to the tree cutting experts.

Letting your chainsaw to cut the ground

When trying to cut a felled tree, ensure the chain does not touch the ground because this can make the cutting teeth of your chainsaw dull and weak. After cutting one side of the felled tree, turn it over to the other side and cut the remaining part.

Forgetting to recheck tensions on your chain saw

Most times when using a new chainsaw, it is possible for new chains to stretch and sometimes loosen. So always check the chain tension every hour to be sure it is placed well as misplaced chains can cause injury as well as damage the chain’s driver’s bar.

Some of the things mentioned here may seem trivial, bordering on common sense, but you wouldn’t believe how many people skip the necessary safety measures simply because they got lazy, or feel like they couldn’t be bothered to do them. Needless to say, not many of those people would live long lives. Or if they could, they probably don’t have all their digits. Don’t make the same mistakes.

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