Have you ever considered what happens to plastic waste that ends up in our waterways? Well, unfortunately the plastic floating around in the water could still be there in 600 years’ time!

The world’s plastic problem has been hitting headlines globally and we need to act now to avoid the problem worsening. This issue has been raised by many, in fact within the last couple years the government has introduced ways to combat the problem and even encouraged the public to make different lifestyle choices.

You may have noticed the 5p carrier bag charge in many major stores across the UK. The public have received the message of the plastic pandemic and the need to prevent further pollution, and have started reusing carrier bags to avoid the bag charge or bringing in their own ‘bag for life’ to do their bit to make a change.

However, plastic is not only a lifetime landfill problem, but it is also an affliction on our oceans and waterways. Marine life is suffering from our waste, and it is estimated over a million birds and 100,000 marine mammals and turtles die every year across the globe because of this. So what can you do to stop this plastic pandemic?
BWML have provided further information on how to prevent plastic waste in our waterways and how the public and several boaters can make simple changes that will make a big difference.

Preventing Plastic Pollution

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