fire rated

fire rated
There is no doubt when it comes to the benefits that downlights offer. They are in fact popular because they offer tons of benefits especially when it comes to their overall appeal. They can drastically improve the look of your home.

Installing these lights is also easy. There are people whom you can hire to do the job. The best part is once they are installed, they don’t have to be changed or fixed often. Depending on your chosen brand and model, downlights are generally considered low maintenance. On top of that, they are energy efficient. You don’t have to spend a lot of money paying for electric bills because downlights don’t consume a lot of energy.

Fire safety

When choosing the best downlights, you might come across the term “fire rated”. You will most likely be recommended to opt for fire rated downlights compared with other options. The main reason is that in any building, the ceiling helps in slowing down the spread of fire. Its fire rating depends on its ability to slow down the fire. When installing recessed downlights, there is a good chance that the fire rating is reduced.

The holes which are cut out to fit the lights allow the flames to spread easily between floors. This can cause the ceiling to collapse in a shorter time. Under usual circumstances, this can typically be prolonged from about 30 minutes to an hour.

Fire rated downlights are made from special materials. They expand when heated. This helps in slowing down the fire, giving people more time to escape.

Should all downlights be fire rated?

Although fire rated downlights are perfect for protecting people in the event of a fire, you may choose other types of downlights. For instance, you can choose one with a fire hood. This is highly recommended because they can easily stop the fire. They are more expensive though. There are also instances when the downlights are placed really close to the ceiling and they need not be fire rated. However, it is still highly recommended to buy fire rated versions, just to be safe.

The rating depends on the ability of the material to resist fire. Usually, it is tested for up to 90 minutes. This gives people enough time to be evacuated from a building.

Choosing a downlight should not just be about its aesthetic appeal. You should also choose one based on fire safety. The good thing is you can easily buy these lights, such as the GU10 LED bulb, online. You just have to check the images, read the reviews and the product descriptions. You will then find it easier to choose the right lighting fixture for your home.

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