Clogging is a phenomenon that residents of Niles, Chicago, are quite familiar with, although with advanced equipment and treatments, the occurrence of drainage clogs has greatly declined in frequency. But when it does occur, we still need to get our hands dirty to clean up all the mess. Other than the clogged drains found within the house, there is one more location that needs to be taken care of in case of a clog – the septic tank system. Unclogging the septic system using chemicals is NOT the solution. There is an alternate – using bacteria.

Although you could try to do this on your own, the best course of action would be to look for experienced and qualified plumbers in Niles, such as Mike’s Chicago Plumbing, a 24 hour emergency plumber service in Chicago including Niles.

Steps to Unclog the Septic Tank


  1. Determine the cause / nature of the clog: Clogging occurs basically due to two reasons: either due to some breakage or due to a blockage. In case of breakage, get help from a plumbing services company. On the other hand, if it a blockage, due to some obstruction, then it means that your system just needs a cleanup. Make sure that you do not smell or breathe the fumes from the septic tank to determine or to check the reason for the clog. These fumes are toxic and could even be fatal.


  1. Determine the plan of the action: DO NOT USE chemicals to unclog the blocked drain. They do not digest or breakup the particles; rather they just loosen the particles only to create a block further up the system, which will come to light a few days later. This will then make the cleaning of the septic tank more difficult and tedious. Often, it is only the sludge or scum and grease accumulated over time in the system that is causing the problem. Consider using bacteria instead! They are natural acidic agents. They digest the blockages, thus opening the drains. You can source the bacteria from a plumbing company located in the vicinity or an online provider.


  1. Determine the extent of work needed: The market is flooded with multiple products that claim to be the best at opening up blockages. Don’t believe all advertisements or claims. Understand your requirements better and finalize the product to be purchased accordingly. For this, you can call 24 hour emergency plumbing services in Niles, Chicago, as soon as you notice a blockage. Confirm the amount of application and dosage, depending on the extent of the blockage and time interval between two cleanings.


  1. Determine the line of action: Incorporating bacteria does not instantly clear the problem. It might take time, from a few days to a few weeks. Bacteria multiply in numbers and, in the process, consumer the bio-degradable products that are creating the blockage in the septic system. It is a natural process and, unlike chemicals, does not harm the system.

Interestingly, using bacteria to unclog drains is not a new concept! In the olden days, human stool had enough quantities of bacteria present to maintain a self-sustaining system, but with the increased use of anti-bacterial products, we now need to source these bacteria!


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