Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

We all know how important it is for your air conditioning to function well, especially on a hot summer day. Since summers seem to have become hotter and hotter lately, more and more people decided to invest in an AC. However, it’s not enough only to make the initial investment, you will also have to invest periodically in order to maintain it working properly for a long period of time. Naturally, everybody wants the machine to work perfectly, but what do you have to do for this?

More Practical Reasons

But you should clean your air conditioning device not only for your own comfort. The more important thing here is the fact that the HVAC system, which stands for ‘heating, ventilation and air conditioning’, is probably the main energy consumer in your entire home. That’s right, not the TV, not the computer, not the refrigerator, but the AC. As such, it is extremely important for the AC to use energy in an efficient manner, so that your bill won’t be huge. This means that you will pay less, plus you will enjoy your AC for a longer period of time, as long as you clean it often.

Many experts explain that cleaning your AC is just like going to the doctor for regular check-ups. If you go in time, you have the chance to prevent serious problems. It is essential to get regular checks for your AC too, if you want to maintain a quality service. Many specialists in the field keep underlining the importance of this step, which many people seem to ignore.

What Happens If My AC Is Dirty?

Besides the fact that it won’t function as it should and you will have to pay more for the energy, there are some other reasons why you should clean your AC. For example, the machine can keep in its coils debris, dirt and mold. Not only that this is unhygienic in itself, but think about the fact that all this ends up in the air you are breathing in.

However, this is not the only danger. If the electrical components are not taken care of properly, they can even start a fire, which is extremely dangerous. Besides, if you know that everything is going well, you can be at peace without too many worries.

How Do You Clean It?

Of course, you can start dismantling the AC whenever you want or have the time. However, it is always better to call for a professional instead of risking damaging anything. Thankfully, there are special companies, such as National Air Warehouse, which can help you carry on this necessary, yet unpleasant task.

What You Need to Know about Indoor Air Quality

From what it seems, governments are taking more and more important steps towards regulating the indoor air quality. For example, in the Fairbanks, Alaska, region, the EPA set up some quality standards that were approved and implemented. However, this is not the only region that is subjected to such changes, and this comes after more and more community members are concerned with this aspect.

Pressures from the Public

The topic of the indoor air quality has been often raised by the state on more than one occasion. At the same time, the public is pressuring the authorities to rush with the regulations regarding this subject. One of the examples mentioned on the bill is what is allowed and forbidden for burning indoors. As such, fireworks, barbecues and other similar things that release lots of harmful gas when lit were banned from being burned inside.

Don’t Waste the Air

Indeed, air is everywhere, but not cool air, and especially not during summer. Cool air should only be inside your home, and not outside, so one of the simplest things to do in order to avoid wasting money and energy with the AC is to see if there are cracks or poor insulations throughout your home. It happens often if the house is not a new one, so it’s a good idea to manually check windows, doors, insulation in the attic or any other cracks you spot. Alternatively, you can also call for a home energy audit, if you’re willing to invest in this.

Choose the Right Place for the Thermostat

You might not guess it, but it’s extremely important to place the thermostat right. For example, if you choose to place it on a wall right next to one of the hot windows in the house, the AC will work much more, thinking that the temperature is higher than it actually is.

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