parsonal car

parsonal car

With so many amazing advances in technology and a shift in attitude towards eco-friendly transportation, the future looks very bright and exciting for personal transport. Driving your own petrol-fuelled automobile will be a thing of the past in the not so far future and the roads will be filled with other impressive vehicles helping people to get from A to B.


One of the most discussed topics in the automotive industry is the work towards self-driving cars. It is thought that by 2050, the roads will be filled with vehicles which drive themselves so that the user does not have to do anything. This is in a bid to reduce accidents (user error accounts for the majority of incidents), as well as a smoother flow of traffic.


The other main area of discussion is cars with zero emissions, which will do a tremendous amount to reduce the impact on the environment. Electric vehicles are becoming a common sight on the roads and available at all major dealerships, like Unbeatable Car. They are also constantly improving in terms of performance, but there is another type of zero-emission automobile which will play an important role in the future.

This is hydrogen cars, which have fuel cells that take hydrogen fuel and react with oxygen to create electricity. The only waste product is water, but this type of automobile is taking longer to produce due to the cost of fuel cells. Despite this, many experts claim that hydrogen-powered cars are better than electric due to their superior range and faster charge times.

Currently, there is no infrastructure in place to recharge and developments are still being made, but it seems that this is certainly the future for personal transportation and all the major manufacturers are working with hydrogen right now.

Flying Cars?

Many popular sci-fi films and TV shows depict the far future as a time where flying cars soar over our heads, but is this likely to happen? In 2016, a flying car prototype and autonomous electric quadcopter were introduced at the Consumer Electric Show and one brand expects to have a prototype by 2018, but it is difficult to see this being a reality any time soon and the initial cost would make them a rare sight to see.

As you can see, the future certainly looks bright for personal transportation and it will not be too long until we see much safer, eco-friendly and efficient transportation dominate the road.

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