There is a reason why gardening is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. It still has its problems because too many people are stuck in their old ways. One of them doesn’t even have to do with growing plants and vegetables.

It’s the trusty old wooden shed everyone seems to love, yet we know steel is the best option. It’s especially true these days because they’ve evolved so much. Let’s look at a few reasons why a steel shed is superior if you want to keep up with modern times.


Steel Is Completely Recyclable

A standard home might need up to an acre of trees to build. Wooden sheds won’t waste nearly as much, but they’ll still kill the environment. Steel sheds can be built from recycled scrap metal.

It’s the same kind of thing when the shed comes to the end of its life. A wooden one will disappear without a trace, whereas a steel shed can be recycled all over again to build something else.

A Very Durable Structure

The weather isn’t too extreme in Australia, but we certainly have our moments. It will ultimately depend on where you live. If your shed is blasted by the elements which one would you prefer to own?


Even a strong hurricane is no match for a solid steel shed. They’re great for dealing with fires too, whereas a wooden shed would burn to the ground. Termites don’t seem to enjoy chewing on the metal either.

It’s Easier to Stay Cool

Saying a shed with a steel roof will be a lot hotter in summer isn’t really fair. Even in Australia where it’s always hot for a large majority of the year a wooden shed isn’t necessarily better.

There is a good chance it might be if you don’t have the right kind of shed, but there are multiple ways to keep a steel one cool even when it’s sunny. If the roof is finished with special paint it will also reflect the heat away.

Keep Your Possessions Secure

If you’re really into gardening it’s possible you keep some expensive things in your shed. When someone wants to get into a wooden one they don’t have to try very hard. They’re extremely easy to break into.

The reason they use steel bars in prison is to keep the bad guys in, but in your garden the steel will keep them out. Once you put something into your steel shed you know it’s not going anywhere.

Will Last You Much Longer

How long do you think the average wooden shed lasts until it’s ready to be scrapped? They won’t be ready to throw away within a couple of years, but even if you look after them properly they won’t last forever.

Steel will last longer than any other material available. It will still need to be cared for occasionally, especially if you want it to look beautiful. For example, the paint can chip easily.

It’s Something to Think About

If you look at some of the designs now they actually look stunning, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider a steel shed in the future. It’s likely we’ll see more of them in the coming years thanks to all their great benefits. You can even have them custom built to suit your needs as steel is extremely flexible.

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