indoor air pollution

indoor air pollution

We are well aware of dust, smoke and the harmful hazards that are caused by pollution. It is very necessary to learn how to control air pollution because if we do not do then it is possible that air around us keeps on getting polluted. Outdoor pollution is one of the most important thing we are concerned about. But indoor air pollution is much more hazardous & cause dangerous health effects when compared to outdoor air pollution. The impacts of indoor air pollution on human health is much higher when compared to the impacts caused by outdoor air pollution. Sources say that nearly 3.5 million premature deaths occur every year due to indoor air pollution.

Ultimately a day might come when each one of us might be using oxygen cylinder to enjoy fresh air. This would add burden on our already high cost of living. Therefore, we should understand ways and means of air pollution control.

Micron sized dust particles

Most of us have the tendency to ignore the small stuffs or we don’t even pause a second to notice them. These small stuffs might turn into a huge problem when constantly ignored. Indoor air pollution is one such thing. Prolonged exposure might cause acute bronchial and other lung diseases.

The contents of pollution that a person comes in contact with on a daily basis includes tiny particles of dust, soot, acid droplets and several other particulate matters. These particles get caught by lungs and more problems occur when these particles gets accumulated in lungs. Moreover these minute dust particles get mixed with blood and it might cause chronic lung diseases and clots that may result in fatal cardiac arrests.

Indoor Air Pollution in Industries

When we speak of industries and factories, indoor air pollution is one of the most important factor to be considered. In industries micron sized dust particles are produced during each and every process. These dusts circulate inside and it might cause serious respiratory hazards when inhaled by the workers. The health impact includes lung and respiratory problems, asthma, wheezing, dry throat and several other breathing problems.

In factories workers are exposed to huge amount of dust and particulate matter each and every day. Such a prolonged exposure might cause acute respiratory and lung diseases. Further it might cause other dangerous health hazards such as asthma attacks, bronchial, lung diseases and in the worst case it might even cause lung cancer and premature deaths.

There are standards and limits to the amount of air pollutants to which a worker is exposed on a daily basis.  Industries must follow these standards to ensure safety of their workers.

Suggested Measures

Every industry usually has a health and environment manager. The main task of environment manager is to develop environmental management plan to do minimize possible pollution of all types – gaseous, solid and liquid in its manufacturing process. Formation of pollutants can be prevented and their emission can be reduced to a greater extend at the source itself. But in developing countries proper measures are not taken to reduce the pollution level. Industries must follow the standards and rules to keep its emissions and effluents up to the prescribed limits. By doing so health of the workers will be safeguarded.

In and around industrial areas the level of pollutants is extreme and proper fume or smoke extraction equipment must be used for treating them. When properly processed these pollutants are several times less harmful. Suitable air pollution control equipment must be used to reduce pollution in industries that are located near industrial areas.

Better Late than never!

Air pollution is the fifth leading cause of death in India after high blood pressure, indoor air pollution, tobacco smoking and poor nutrition, with about 620,000 premature deaths occurring from air pollution-related diseases. Delhi’s (Capital of India) air pollution is just an awakening call and this is the right time to respond to the problem or else this situation will prevail all over. Yet another factor to concern about is the victims of air pollution. From small children to people of all age will be affected terribly because of this increased pollutants level in air. So let’s not let our kids to pay the price for our mistakes.

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